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High-performance File System Solutions for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

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Optimize storage performance where you need it - on-premises or in the cloud


Provide easy access to datasets by users by minimizing latency and creating transparency to data location


Gain the flexibility to compute, move, migrate, and store your data where it makes the most sense for your workload without compromises

Performance in a Flash

With Avere, you get a team dedicated to providing technologies that give you ever-increasing performance to support ever-increasing volumes of data. We're dedicated to designing fast access to that data from the right type of storage for your business.

Big Performance for Big Data,
No Matter Where It Lives

  • Hybrid Cloud NAS

  • On the Cloud

  • In the Data Center

Hybrid Cloud NAS

Use cloud resources strategically by separating performance from capacity and enabling flexible access and speed. With Avere, you can leverage cloud compute, storage, or both and keep data where it makes the most sense.

On the Cloud

Going all-in the cloud can be improved with Avere’s cloud-ready file system minimizing costs and bridging cloud compute and storage resources. Avere virtual FXT Edge filers allow you to burst applications and data to compute resources and gain file access for easier data management.

In the Data Center

Avere FXT Edge filers provide top performance in on-premises NAS environments and provide flexible access to new object-based storage resources. Enterprises optimize storage performance and build powerful WAN caching solutions for remote locations, always suppling low-latency access to the most in-demand data.  


  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Migration
  • Security Workflows
  • Video Archive
  • Web Hosting


  • Backtesting & Simulations
  • Risk Analytics
  • Quantitative Modeling
  • Storage Performance


  • Cloud Enablement
  • Data Migration
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Surveillance
  • Analytics
  • WAN Caching


  • NGS Workflows
  • Imaging
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Migration


  • Cloud Rendering
  • Render Farm Performance
  • Transcoding
  • Media Asset Active Archives
  • WAN Caching


  • Dev Ops
  • Research & Design
  • WAN Caching
  • Data Migration
  • Storage Performance Optimization


  • Teradyne

  • Eight VFX

  • Inova Translational Medicine Institute

  • Illumination Mac Guff

  • H3 Biomedicine


"Deploying the Avere resulted in an immediate reduction in compile and simulation run times—by 33 and 28 percent, respectively. Overall Avere enabled a 3X increase in sustained workload and up to a 7X peak workload."

John Debella, Sr. IT Infrastructure Architect at Teradyne

Eight VFX

"Today it takes less than 15 minutes to fire up 1,000 nodes in the cloud, and that’s from scratch. With the VPN and Avere’s virtual cluster defined, we can spin up everything in just four minutes."

Philippe Chotard, Head of IT at Eight VFX

Inova Translational Medicine Institute

"The functionality enabled by the ITMI hybrid cloud is helping researchers analyze large and complex data faster— and as a result, accelerate the pace of specific treatment and create the framework for preventive-care innovation."

Aaron Black, Director of Informatics at ITMI

Illumination Mac Guff

"Avere scaled up very nicely and without disruption – and, as before, the alternative of purchasing lot of expensive, high-performance NAS storage would have been financially unviable. Avere was our solution-of-choice in 2012 and it remains our solution-of-choice today."

Bruno Mahe, Head of Technology at Illumination Mac Guff

H3 Biomedicine

"Avere reduced latency to the cloud by more than 15X, enabling scientific applications to run at maximum performance"  

Bret Martin, Principal Research Computing Architect at H3

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