Avere Global Services - Contact Information

Telephone (toll-free in US and Canada): 1-888-88-AVERE (888-882-8373), press 2 for Support
Telephone (United Kingdom): +44 20 3695 1638, press 2 for Support
Telephone (US/International): +1-412-894-2570, press 2 for Support

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Avere Global Services -­ Overview

Avere Global Services (AGS) complements the industry-leading NAS functionality of the FXT Series Edge Filers with world-class software and hardware support services to provide a complete solution that is easy to use, maintain, and grow.

World-­Class Support

AGS provides world-class customer support to organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 multi-national enterprises to regional small-to-medium businesses. The support center operates 24x7x365 to provide around-the-clock support to customers worldwide. The Avere customer support team has deep domain knowledge in storage, file system, and networking technologies as well as years of experience with related products from NetApp, EMC, Oracle, Cisco, and others. The customer support team is tightly integrated with the engineering team at the Avere R&D headquarters to enable the fastest response possible to customer issues.

Service & Support Overview

AGS provides a comprehensive set of offerings to cater to any customer requirements.  No matter how strict your requirement or how tight your budget, AGS has an offering for you.

Global Coverage

AGS operates 24x7x365 to provide around-the-clock support to customers worldwide. Stocking depots are available to deliver 4-hour and next-day replacement parts. Onsite spares are also available to provide replacement parts in remote areas. Phone interpreters are available to communicate in more than 100 native languages.   

Remote Support Capabilities

AGS provides remote support capabilities that bring the benefits of hands-on diagnosis and support to any worldwide location. Automated systems provide early warning signals to enable proactive treatment of conditions before problems arise.  System information uploads provide the customer support center with the precise product status information needed to diagnosis any problem. Remote support via WebEx enables customer support engineers to work directly on impacted systems to address issues as quickly as possible.  

Customer Portal

AGS provides each customer with a portal into the Avere customer website to provide a single point of access for everything related to Avere support. From the portal, customers can manage support cases, download software and documentation, and access a wealth of information including knowledge-base articles and product updates.   

TSANet, Technical Support Alliance 

TSANet is a vendor-neutral global support alliance where companies work together to support mutual customers more effectively. As a Mission Critical member of TSANet, Avere Systems is committed to providing 24x7x365 coverage for the most demanding application environment. Avere can directly initiate a high-priority case with another vendor in order to quickly resolve problems at a joint customer site.  Other vendors participating in TSANet include NetApp, IBM, HP, Oracle, Microsoft, EMC, and VMware.  
See for more information.  

Platinum Service Provider

AGS partners with a 3rd-party global logistics company to provide 4-hour parts replacement.  With our partner, AGS has thousands of experienced service and support professionals across the globe.  Platinum service is available worldwide; please contact Avere support for availability in your specific location.
For more information, please refer to the Avere Global Services data sheet.


Avere Systems customers have access to an extensive library of remote learning sessions.  Accessing the Avere Remote Learning Library requires a username and password. Create a new account by navigating to the Avere Learning site and clicking the Create new account button in the lower right.

After the account is created, a verification email is sent. If you don't receive it within a few minutes, please check junk/spam folder. Once the account has been confirmed by clicking the email link, you can navigate to any of the courses and enter the enrollment key provided by your Avere Sales Engineer.

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