Avere is Reinventing Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage Freedom: Reinventing Storage for the Cloud Era

Within organizations, unstructured data is doubling every year, but less than ten percent of the files in a data center are active. The cost of storing an increasing amount of largely inactive data is out of proportion with its utility to an organization. 
Despite increasing density of storage capacity, faster storage media and widespread server virtualization, data center size continues to increase. Unstructured data is growing faster than the rate of technological innovation to deal with it, and the result for most organizations has been to spend more money on storage technology and data centers to house it all.
Avere delivers a more modern architectural approach to storage that doesn’t require the overprovisioning of storage capacity to achieve performance, overspending on expensive storage media for inactive data or the overbuilding of data centers to house increasing amounts of storage infrastructure. 
With its Edge-Core storage architecture made possible by the FXT Series Edge filer product line, Avere also allows enterprises to leverage public and private cloud storage resources without having to rewrite existing applications or compromise on performance or availability. 
In summary, Avere gives organizations the ability to put an end to the rising cost and complexity of data storage, the freedom to store files anywhere – in the cloud or on premises – all without sacrificing the performance, availability or security of their data.