Faster Access to Cloud Render Farms

This video takes a look at how post-production studios can access cloud resources for expanding their render farms without disrupting users or workflows.

Talk about using cloud for render farms has been picking up. While there are many benefits, including pay-as-you-go pricing and unlimited compute cores, studios can face many challenges when trying to use cloud for rendering workloads. This video provides an overview of the obstacles to cloud as well as ways to overcome them, including:

  1. Using cloud to augment existing on-prem compute resources to remove render capacity bottlenecks and keep artists productive
  2. How you can take rendering workloads to the cloud without disruptive file moves
  3. Providing faster access, performance and security for cloud render farms with Avere's virtual and physical edge filers
  4. Why it is important for cloud and on-premises render jobs to be transparent to artists, and how to accomplish this