Avere on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

With Avere Systems and Google, companies gain the flexibility to move compute-intensive workloads and large data sets to the highly scalable and reliable Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Avere’s hybrid cloud platform creates the flexibility and agility needed to integrate existing NAS architectures with the Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage. Data files are easily moved between existing on-premises data stores and Google Cloud Storage. Local storage and cloud-based storage also become available to Google Compute Engine instances for cloud bursting.

Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS on GCP

On Google Compute Engine (GCE), applications easily scale-up and scale-down efficiently and affordably. With the Avere Virtual FXT Edge filer, access to larger sets of data required for compute is accessible without latency, allowing Google Compute Engine to become a seamless part of the enterprise infrastructure.

Avere FlashCloud™ on FXT Edge Series filers delivers scalable networked-attached storage (NAS) performance up to 3M ops/sec in a clustered configuration of up to 50 Edge filers to keep pace with user demands. The Avere technology provides application access to Google Cloud Storage via NAS protocols (NFS & SMB), eliminating the need to rewrite existing application or change user-access methods.

Google Hybrid Cloud Diagram

Use Avere on Google Cloud Platform for:

Use Case Definition Avere Products
Cloud Bursting Burst the hottest data from on-premises network-attached storage (NAS) to highly-scalable GCE Avere vFXT
Cloud NAS Run enterprise-scale computing completely in the cloud bridging Google Cloud Storage (GCS) with GCE while minimizing the use of more costly Persistent SSD Avere vFXT
Google Cloud Storage Gateway Bring GCS, both Standard and Nearline, into the enterprise storage infrastructure with a powerful file storage system that provides bidirectional gateway functionality for both NFS and SMB protocols along with enterprise features like high availability, tiering to hide latency, mirroring, and migration.  

Avere FXT Edge Filers

Avere AOS + FlashCloud




Avere for Google Cloud Platform Sizing & Pricing

  Cloud Bursting & Cloud NAS Cloud Gateway
Google Compute Engine Instances* n1-highmem-32 n1-highmem-8  
Google Cloud Storage* 1.5TB or 3TB Local SSD 1.5TB or 3TB Local SSD Standard, DRA, and Nearline

*Google Cloud Platform usage fees not included.


Avere on Google Cloud Platform Success Stories

The Avere and Google partnership is right for companies with compute intensive environments that need the flexibility to provision compute on-demand for either bursting or sustained use. Companies with large data sets seeking to use the cloud to store portions of that data in affordable google file storage will also find respite from traditional vendor lock-in with the joint solution. By easing access and usability without latency, organizations can begin to minimize on-premises IT infrastructure and quickly ramp up (or down) to meet the current core business needs.

Avere and Google Cloud Platform customers span many industries for many data-intensive applications. The simple-to-install, zero-footprint approach serves to boost infrastructures large and small with flexibility, scalability, and easy data manageability.