Advanced NAS File System for ActiveScale™

Massively Scalable Storage for Private and Hybrid Clouds

Avere FXT Edge filers with FlashCloud™ together with HGST ActiveScale object storage systems allow businesses to easily and cost effectively keep up with enormous data growth. ActiveScale systems provide extreme scalability and durability, while Avere provides easy storage tiering. Together, optimized performance and flexible capacity scaling can reduce total cost of ownership compared to traditional storage implementations.


Superior Economics Without Performance Sacrifices

Using Avere Systems Avere OS file system, FXT Edge filer caching appliance, and FlashCloud in front of an ActiveScale system delivers a cost-effective enterprise solution with superior performance and the ability to scale massively. The FXT Edge filers deliver enterprise NAS functionality including NFS and CIFS support with scalable performance and redundancy to support application access and shared resources.

Avere FlashCloud combine ActiveScale object storage with an enterprise’s legacy NAS filers into a single global namespace (GNS). This GNS provides flexibility to store data wherever it makes the most sense. ActiveScale’s extreme scalability with Avere FXT Edge filer cluster provides storage tiering with performance that can be scaled to millions of IOPs.

Together, Avere and Western Digital Corporation combine optimized performance and extreme capacity scaling, while reducing the total cost of ownership by up to 70% compared to traditional NAS implementations.


Common Use Cases

  • An active archive in front of media-based online applications
  • Industry specific workflows for telecommunications, life science, digital media, and oil & gas
  • Data center modernization from NAS to object storage