Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise

Hybrid Enterprise Architecture

Enterprises need to be smart to meet market demands and compete with smaller, nimble start ups. While abandoning all investments made into large data centers isn’t the best option or feasible, leveraging the cloud certainly is. Instead of expanding current, overcrowded data centers to support core products and services, Avere allows enterprises to integrate cloud resources with existing network-attached storage (NAS) infrastructure, providing high-performance file access for computing and seamless integration of cloud and traditional storage.

Big Data Analytics

Use cloud providers for analytic workloads. Avere allows you to choose where your data is stored while still leveraging the vast computing resources of the cloud. You don’t have to worry about outgrowing your compute capacity with cloud bursting using the Avere vFXT for Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and soon, Microsoft Azure.

Enterprise Data Migration

Moving data can be disruptive and difficult. However, data center moves and consolidations, as well as goals of cloud storage adoption, make it necessary. Enterprises value Avere’s ability to create a single pool of storage using a global namespace and assist in transparently migrating large, active datasets with an Avere FXT cluster plus FlashMove and FlashMirror software and services.

Security Workflows

Protecting corporate data is both important and difficult. While security logging software like Splunk and SolarWinds search, monitor and analyze machine-generated big data, supporting the ingest of files and necessary analysis can be challenging at scale. Avere FXT Edge filers provide a high-performance caching layer to handle ingest activity from these applications and increase read performance. Instead of adding more and more storage to support these workloads, Avere FXT clusters scale to meet growth and enable cloud storage as an alternative to NAS.

Imaging and Video Archive

Enterprise video archives continue to grow as it becomes easier to create and manage. These large files need to remain accessible, although access demands fluctuate greatly. Avere FXT Edge filers enable the support of an active archive solution that can include NAS and the public cloud. Files can be stored on efficient disk and still accessed easily by applications and users when needed.

Web Hosting

Many enterprises act as a hosting environment providing access to data and content around the globe. Demand for these files can fluctuate. With Avere FXT Edge filers layered in front of the storage resources, access to these libraries are quick, reducing reads back to the storage by 50:1. The location of the files is transparent to the users, even if the data is stored in the cloud.


Why Avere for Enterprise Hybrid Architectures?

Avere FXT Edge filers have become a key component of enterprise-scale architectures for high-performance file-based storage and easy access to cloud resources. These complex, large-scale operations value:

  • Easy-to-use and manage cloud-ready file system that works with or without existing storage infrastructure
  • Faster access to data to keep productivity high, minimizing storage latency
  • Scalability to support Petabyte-sized datasets
  • Flexibility to store data where it makes the most sense for the business
  • Improve competitiveness and customer satisfaction with the opportunity to speed workflows and pipelines with easy access to unlimited cloud compute resources
  • Cost management by reducing the dependency on traditional storage and facilitating modernization with hybrid cloud infrastructures

Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Data Centers

Enterprises looking to leverage the cloud for analytic, engineering, and large file workloads use Avere to easily connect data centers to both cloud compute and storage resources.

Cloud-enablement with Avere helps hybrid enterprises manage costs of complex workloads, optimizes existing resources, and efficiently scales growing demand for IT resources.

High-Performance Storage for Enterprises

Use the Avere FXT Edge filer clusters to minimize latency in enterprise data centers. Avere FXT Edge filer separate performance from capacity to reduce dependencies on traditional NAS, facilitate data migrations, and reduce WAN latency.