Interview with Ron Bianchini: Google NEXT 2017

Ron Bianchini (Avere Systems, CEO) talks with Stu Miniman (SiliconANGLE) about how cloud fits into storage conversations today, where cloud is heading, and how Avere Edge filers work with Google Cloud to support and ease cloud adoption.

This video provides an in-depth examination of where cloud is being used today, the possibilities that cloud offers enterprises, and how it has affected the modern storage world already. In this video, you will learn:

  1. Where cloud fits into today's conversations about storage growth, access and performance
  2. How Avere FXT Edge filers support several on-ramps to the cloud including a cloud gateway model that uses cloud for storage, a cloud bursting model that uses cloud for compute, and a cloud NAS model that uses both
  3. What the CAP principle is and how it applies to the cloud vs traditional NAS storage environments