Avere on Microsoft Azure

Extending your existing IT environment just got easier with the Avere Virtual Edge filer (vFXT) and Microsoft Azure, the infrastructure used by more than 57% of Fortune 500 companies. The vFXT makes harnessing scalable compute with your on-premises network-attached storage (NAS) simple and performant. Together, Avere and Azure hybrid cloud solutions give you more IT options with less complexity and cost.

Cloud Bursting to Microsoft Azure Cloud Compute

Avere’s vFXT NAS solution is easy to install and manage, provides multi-protocol file access (including NFS and SMB), and leverages its cluster architecture to deliver high availability, scalable performance and capacity. In a matter of minutes, thousands of Azure compute instances can be deployed on-demand to crunch data with low latency and no data migration. Businesses can tap into hyper-converged infrastructure of Azure with ease, without breaking the bank.

When demand for compute grows unevenly, cloud bursting to the Azure Compute Cloud provides a flexible, quick, low-latency solution that allows you to quickly offset peaks and take advantage of economical processing times. The Avere vFXT bridges on-premises NAS and cloud computing, caching the hottest data in the compute cloud and returning data back to on-premises storage automatically as it cools.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Bursting Diagram


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