How to Improve NetApp Storage Performance

Presented Live on March 17, 2016

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) systems, like NetApp, have long been the go-to data center storage solution. However, NAS alone is not equipped to handle the growth and changes to unstructured data, struggling to provide both high performance and high capacity. Instead of purchasing more storage to get more performance, IT managers can use a performance tier outside the NAS that focuses on the most active data and delivers the highest performance.

This webinar looks at the current state of storage in the data center, and what is required of IT infrastructures today. It then highlights why organizations are experiencing certain performance issues with their NetApp and other NAS systems. By offering up a new "tiered" solution, IT managers can get the performance they need for their active data, maximize their existing NetApp performance, and avoid overhauling their entire infrastructure.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How unstructured data has changed over the past decade, and how this affects the way NetApp and other NAS systems perform under modern workloads
  • Why NAS storage performance is so critical, and how to balance storage performance and storage capacity
  • How organizations are currently solving performance problems, and why these solutions are not cost-effective or sustainable
  • 4 ways that you can improve existing NetApp performance to meet higher efficiency and lower cost objectives


  • George Crump, Lead Analyst, Storage Switzerland
  • Chris Bowen, VP Eastern Sales, Avere Systems