Fast and Powerful NAS Integration for Cloud-on-Demand


Put your data anywhere. No sacrifices. No roadblocks.
Your storage has never been so flexible. FlashCloud expands NAS as you've never thought possible.
Avere Cloud NAS, powered by FlashCloud™, eliminates the latency associated with the cloud leveraging the Avere Edge-Core architecture to get active data right where users need it. It gives you the flexibility to choose the right storage at the right location for your business.

Built for the cloud, FlashCloud running on FXT Edge filers uses object APIs to connect to public clouds, translating standard NAS protocols and protecting your application investments. Clustering enables Cloud NAS to scale on-premises, tiered storage to millions of IOPS of performance and 450TB of capacity while ensuring high availability access to limitless data in the cloud. FlashCloud is supported by both physical and virtual FXT Edge filers, enabling quick and easy access to object-based storage from Avere installations both on premises and in the compute cloud.  

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Cloud Snapshots, part of the Avere OS, are closely integrated with the FlashCloud to deal with the performance and semantics of cloud storage.

Your infrastructure has never looked better. With FlashCloud, you now have unlimited capacity scaling and unlimited performance scaling at a fraction of what you’d expect it to cost.