Software to Mirror Data for Data Protection and Recovery

Smooth Product Peaks & Recover When Disaster Strikes

Production schedules in every business are tight and data keeps growing. No one has a good time for a disaster, and disasters would never adhere to a schedule if there were one. Preparation for peaks and unpredictable circumstances always includes data replication, however full protection is difficult to manage and very costly. 
Until now.


Implement flexible, high-performance, comprehensive NAS data protection using Avere FlashMirror®. Integrated with the native tiering on the FXT Edge cluster, FlashMirror quickly replicates data to multiple NAS filers, even heterogeneous ones, or the cloud. And, it’s easy to deploy and manage, offloading replication processing from the Core filers while scaling replication performance to any level required. If the primary storage filer goes offline, Avere global namespace can be repointed to the secondary source without slowing down users.
Data Mirroring Diagram with FlashMirror
*Disaster Recovery (DR) professional service is required when using FlashMirror