FXT Edge Filers Optimize NAS and Enable Cloud Storage

Get an Edge on Your Infrastructure

Storage architects know that adding capacity to solve performance issues is an expensive solution that doesn’t always get the job done. Avere FXT Edge filers give you the edge, providing unlimited NFS and SMB/CIFS performance scaling while making your data easier to manage, both in the data center and in the cloud.

Edge-Core Architecture

When you add an Avere Edge filer as a virtual or physical cluster, you separate performance from capacity. The Edge filer sits in front of your “core” network-attached storage (NAS) or cloud storage, closest to the users of the data. This Edge-Core approach optimizes response time to users and enables centralizing storage for cost savings and simplified management.

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FXT Series Models

Perfect for both hybrid cloud and traditional environments, Edge filers come in both software-only and hardware solutions, configured to meet the various needs of the enterprise. The Virtual FXT (vFXT) acts as NAS in the compute cloud, such as those offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), freeing your data to be stored anywhere, while giving you complete Edge filer functionality. Configurations of the physical FXTs balance fast Flash SSDs with less expensive SAS HDDs to manage “hot” (currently active) and “warm” (soon to be active) data between compute user and storage. DRAM and NVRAM accelerate the read, write and metadata performance.

Virtual FXT Edge Filers

AWS r3.8xlarge

  • 244GB DRAM
  • 8TB Flash SSD
  • 10Gb Ethernet

AWS r3.2xlarge

  • 61GB DRAM
  • 4TB Flash SSD
  • 1Gb Ethernet


  • 52GB DRAM
  • 4TB Flash SSD
  • 10Gb Ethernet

Physical FXT Edge Filers

FXT 4850

  • 288GB DRAM
  • 4.8TB Flash SSD
  • 2 X 10Gb ports
  • 6 X 1Gb ports

FXT 3850

  • 288GB DRAM
  • 0.8TB Flash SSD
  • 7.8TB SAS HDD
  • 2 X 10Gb ports 
  • 6 X 1Gb ports 

FXT 3200

  • 96GB DRAM
  • 2GB NVRAM,
  • 4.8TB SAS HDD
  • 2 X 10Gb ports
  • 6 X 1Gb ports