FXT Edge Filers Optimize NAS and Enable Cloud Storage

FXT Edge Filers for Cloud-Enablement and Storage Optimization

Get an Edge on Your Infrastructure

Adding capacity to solve performance issues is an expensive solution that doesn’t always get the job done. Avere FXT Edge filers give you the edge, providing unlimited NFS and SMB performance scaling while making your data easier to manage, both in the data center and in the cloud.


Edge-Core Architecture

When you add an Avere Edge filer cluster, you separate performance from capacity. The Edge filer sits in front of your “core” network-attached storage (NAS) or cloud storage, closest to the users of the data. The cluster optimizes response time to users and enables centralized storage for cost savings and simplified management.

Avere FXT Edge filers enable hybrid cloud and optimize NAS performance with the most popular cloud and NAS core filers.


FXT 5000 Series

The latest Avere FXT Edge filers belong to the FXT 5000 Series.  This series consists of four configurations designed to meet the needs of enterprise architectures and high-performance environments. This series is prized by customers in some of the most demanding infrastructures for its high performance and throughput in a compact design.

FXT 5850 - All Flash, Primary Workloads, High SSD Capactity, High Networking Bandwidth

FXT 5600 – All Flash, Primary Workloads,  Mid-range SSD Capacity

FXT 5400 – All Flash, Primary Workloads, Low SSD Capacity

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