NAS Filer Systems for Cloud Enablement & Performance

Avere FXT Edge filers and software products bring flexibility and performance to modern enterprise architecture. Used by some of the most demanding and innovative companies, the Avere OS is a complete file system built for the cloud with its roots in on-premises NAS optimization.

Our storage filers bridge traditional NAS infrastructure with the cloud, enabling options to add cloud compute and storage to create hybrid workflows that match diverse business needs.

Cloud NAS Architecture

Cloud storage expands the options for companies to scale-out NAS infrastructures well beyond what was ever possible. Avere virtual and physical storage appliances provide flexibility for data storage locations, improved performance and data manageability in hybrid architectures, and storage scalability.

Avere allows these architectures to easily expand to a cloud-integrated model affordably. FlashCloud creates an environment where the location of data is transparent to users, as latency of access to data is minimized using Avere FXT Edge filer tiering, keeping the most in-demand data closest to your users. The NAS filer also acts as a cloud gateway, giving administrators a familiar NAS interface while translating protocols of object storage.

Cloud Bursting from On-Prem NAS

Avere’s Virtual FXT Edge filer (vFXT) allows applications to run in cloud computing services without having to move all of the associated data to the cloud. The built-for-the-cloud file system acts as a virtual cloud appliance creating data cache. The cloud filer makes the necessary data available to the application while reducing the need to migrate an entire data set to expensive cloud “elastic” block storage, which can reduce this cost by up to 90%.

Scale-out NAS Optimization

In traditional architectures, Avere FXT Edge filers excel at providing optimal performance and scalability. These NAS filers reach top performance speeds in the most demanding environments by separating performance from capacity. The Edge-Core architecture model allows organizations to better manage expensive on-prem storage by having the ability to scale and remove bottlenecks for users without overhauling enterprise data storage systems.

Hybrid Cloud Data Manageability

Moving and mirroring data in a heterogeneous environment may seem difficult enough without adding object storage to the mix. With Avere FlashMove® and FlashMirror®, these data management tasks have never been easier. Without disruption to users, data can easily move and be mirrored for data redundancy between mixed on-premises storage, private object, and cloud storage services.