Storage Support for NGS Labs and Genomics Cloud at CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has selected Avere to help scale datacenter performance and capacity for its new genomic sequencing environment. Avere will be supporting the CDC’s Office of Infectious Diseases (OID), which aims to lead, promote, and facilitate science, programs and policies to reduce the burden of infectious diseases in the United States and across the globe.

Challenge: Ensure Future Expansion of Data Center

After taking steps to improve its high performance computing environment and instruments, the CDC found that it required an additional 3.5 petabytes of usable storage and a solution that would improve performance and data transfer between campus systems while maintaining ease of use for the scientists. Finally, the CDC needed to ensure that future expansion of the data center would easily be accommodated.

Solution: Avere’s Performance, Scale and Manageability Empower the CDC

“When Avere heard what the CDC required for its datacenter strategy and to support the next generation of genomic sequencing platforms, we knew that Avere FXT Edge filers would be the ideal fit,” said Ron Bianchini, president and CEO, Avere Systems. “We offer the performance, scale and manageability required to empower the CDC to focus on its life-saving mission, rather than worry about the backend infrastructure keeping up.”



The next generation sequencing environment is being powered by Avere FXT 3850 Edge filers with FlashMove and FlashMirror. Both FlashMove and FlashMirror make managing the data center easy and reliable. FlashMove migrates live data simply, and non-disruptively between multiple sources including NAS filers, private and/or public clouds. FlashMirror replicates the data between the sources and thanks to the Avere global namespace, if the primary storage filer goes offline, the secondary source is utilized without slowing down productivity for users.



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