FBS Data Systems Selects Avere for Lightning Fast Access to Online Real Estate Listing Services

FBS Data Systems has deployed Avere’s FXT Series Edge Filers to significantly improve the experience of the company’s online real estate listing service. With Avere, FBS provides quick delivery of property photos, which real estate companies and buyers leverage for real estate listings from over 120 multiple listing service (MLS) organizations around the world.

“In the highly competitive and data-heavy world of online real estate, our customers rely on us to consistently provide speedy access to listings with the best user experience possible,” said Jaison Freed, vice president of IT at FBS. “With the growing size and quality of photos, combined with seasonal activity fluctuations, we wanted to guarantee that we continued to exceed customer expectations. With Avere as a buffer, fluctuations in workload are managed so we exceed the performance and capacity of back end storage during peak times with no decrease in response time. With the Avere solution, we fulfill four million photo requests each day—that’s 45 requests per second!”

“Companies that serve large amounts of online data to customers, like FBS Data Systems, rely on Avere to drive the performance needed to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately loyalty,” said Rebecca Thompson, vice president of marketing, Avere Systems. “Our Edge⁄Core storage architecture continues to gain market penetration due to its ability to meld high performance with simplified management at a cost no one can match. This is giving customers like FBS a tremendous advantage as they decouple capacity from performance to support their business.”


About FBS Data Systems

FBS is a 100% employee-owned company that’s proud to provide personal service, future focused development and standards-driven, innovative products. FBS’ Flexmls® system (web, mobile, IDX), is built on the standards-driven Spark API platform, connecting real estate professionals to their customers through great collaboration tools and real-time information. The Flexmls® system is used by 130+ MLSs representing 130,000+ Brokers and Agents. For 30+years FBS has led the way in standards-driven innovation. Through ongoing investment and continued innovation, FBS is 100% prepared to deliver excellence that MLSs and their members can trust for the long term.