Hybrid Cloud NAS

Put your data anywhere. No sacrifices. No roadblocks.

Hybrid Cloud NAS is here. It's NAS as you've never thought possible. Your business is about creating, discovering, developing, and managing. It is time that these aren’t restricted by lofty storage costs, latency, and security concerns. Avere Systems wants to change NAS. We do so not by supplying more capacity, but by giving you new options to leverage cloud and legacy infrastructure to eliminate roadblocks.

Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS eliminates the latency associated with the cloud leveraging Edge-Core architecture to get active data right where users need it. It gives you the flexibility to choose the right storage at the right location for your business.

Scalable Performance with High Availability

Built for the cloud, Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS uses object APIs to connect to public and private clouds, translating standard NAS protocols and protecting your application investments. Clustering enables Hybrid Cloud NAS to scale on-premise, tiered storage to millions of IOPS of performance and 450TB of capacity while ensuring high availability for your data.

Easy Data Management

Whether data lives on premise or in the cloud, data movement is both transparent and easily managed. Integration of on-premise legacy NAS systems together with public and private object storage into a global namespace eliminates storage silos. This provides an easy on-ramp to cloud storage and between cloud storage providers.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Savings come from moving data to a public or private cloud, taking advantage of the most efficient storage for large-scale file stores. This movement provides operational cost savings from reduced (or even eliminated) footprint costs like rent, power and cooling.

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