Eliminate WAN Latency

Low Latency Hybrid Cloud NAS

You can keep your data responsive throughout the network, even when integrated with the cloud. In demanding global environments with offices and cloud infrastructure distributed across the world, network traffic is reduced 50:1 and access times go from seconds to milliseconds. Configuring Avere FXT Edge filers to reduce latency keeps users productive, no matter where they physically sit in relation to data storage, including in the cloud.

  • 50:1 reduction in network traffic for compute cloud bursting
  • WAN caching between cloud compute, cloud storage and on-premises resources
  • Tiering of active data on the fastest storage, making data responsive to users
  • Helps manage data center real estate costs with low network latency access to shared IT resources, regardless of location


Low Latency Cloud Computing from On-Premises Storage

With cloud computing, moving the data needed to compute nodes can be difficult and put strain on network connectivity. Using Avere for cloud bursting, the demand on the network is minimized 50:1. Cloud WAN optimization comes from reducing the network traffic between the compute cloud and on-premises storage. The vFXT Edge filer uses a built-for-cloud file system to easily cache only the needed data in persistent block storage, drastically reducing block storage usage and the required bandwidth and enables cloud bursting to become a powerful add-on to your on-premises infrastructure.


Low Latency User Access to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage can make less frequently used data accessible without the headaches of tape archiving, management, and retrieval. Users looking for data stored in the cloud-based active archive can retrieve that data over the WAN once, then have fast access to it as they read and write to the files. Automatic tiering of the most active data in the cache hides the inherent latency of cloud storage.


Low Latency Between Data Centers

Avere FXT Edge filers are the perfect WAN caching solution between data centers, offering WAN optimization for distributed file-based applications with superior technology to that offered by other cloud optimization controllers or WAN acceleration appliances. Avere FXT clusters automatically tier the data being processed in one data center, while hiding the WAN latency of the network, enabling resources to be shared with limited management overhead. Users can begin accessing large shared data sets in a fraction of the time, as block-level tiering efficiently uses network bandwidth and accelerates the performance of read, write and metadata operations.


Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Access - Low Latency Between Compute and Storage

Keep latency low for users, regardless of the distance between compute and storage. WAN communication can be fast and easily optimized, whether the resources are in the cloud or on premises. Avere FXT Edge filers complete the Hybrid Cloud NAS infrastructure with the ability to keep data highly available, optimized, and accelerated, even as it travels across the network. Avere accelerates cloud access through its built-for-the-cloud file system optimized for traditional NAS environments.


Global Access without the WAN Wait

Data accessed across a wide-area network (WAN) commonly struggles with high latency. While many specialty WAN acceleration appliances exist, putting your most-accessed data closer to your users can solve the problem without big storage array investments or expensive replication software. The Avere FXT Edge filers can eliminate WAN latency by keeping in-demand “hot” data ready and available, minimizing transit times. Data being requested gets transferred once and the Avere OS takes over, automatically tiering the most active data on the fastest storage media until demand falls, at which time it can be left on colder, data center storage.