Solution Brief: Hybrid Cloud for Life Sciences

Hybrid Cloud for Scientific Data Processing

As data continues to grow, cloud becomes a more common solution for life sciences organizations, offering performance improvements, simplified collaboration, and cost-savings. However, moving scientific data to the cloud is not a simple task, especially when it is on the scale of petabytes. Still, the alternative of storing data locally is not cost-effective or performance-driven enough for these environments. Instead of waiting on low-latency data access from the cloud or overpaying on storage, researchers can now achieve faster results by placing their scientific data in the cloud using Avere’s high-performance hybrid cloud solution.

Download the solution brief (PDF)

This solution brief walks through many of the challenges associated with scientific research IT and provides solutions that use both cloud and existing NAS to maximize past and future investments. In this brief, you will learn:

  • What Avere FXT Edge filers are, and how they are used to create a flexible hybrid cloud that offers both scale and performance
  • Why research organizations are using Avere to put scientific data in the cloud for faster research instead of purchasing more traditional storage
  • How to make processing scientific data in the compute cloud faster, easier, and more cost-effective with Edge filers