Solution Brief: Hybrid Cloud for Rendering

Boost Rendering Performance with Hybrid Cloud NAS

Rendering requires more IT resources today than ever before. Additionally, visual effects production (VFX) teams are required to deliver more in shorter time periods often within a fixed budget. Instead of taking on more traditional infrastructure or face upgrades — expanding costs in order to meet deadlines — render shops can now gain extra performance from existing storage and harness the power of the cloud with Avere’s high-performance rendering solution.

Download the solution brief (PDF)

This solution brief walks through many of the challenges associated with the performance of rendering applications, and provides solutions that leverage both cloud and existing resources. In this brief, you will learn:

  • What Avere FXT Edge filers are and how they are used in rendering workflows
  • How accessing cloud resources with FXT Edge filers can result in more efficiency and balance in post-production workflows
  • What makes Avere Edge filers purpose-built for the cloud, and how that affects data management, scalability, and other enterprise NAS features