Managing Storage for Cloud-Based Render Farms

In this video from NAB 2016, Bernie Behn (Avere Systems) talks to Brennan Chapman (Moonbot Studios) about how they use the Avere vFXT to expand compute capacity to as much as 20,000 cores on Google Compute Engine, making this small studio act big!

In this video, Brennan discusses some of the results they've seen from using the Avere + Google Compute Engine solution, as well as some other benefits offered from cloud-based render farms. Bernie also provides additional information on Avere solutions for high intensity rendering workloads. Some topics include:

  1. Reducing the amount of development work needed to move workloads to cloud based render farms
  2. Limiting the number of changes that artists see when using cloud rendering farms vs local
  3. Simplifying the addition of a cloud caching layer without a lot of development work
  4. Using caching in the compute cloud to see vast performance improvements in throughput between cloud compute and storage resources