Solutions for Demanding On Premises and Cloud Storage Environments

If you’re using network-attached storage (NAS) you should know Avere. Avere FXT Edge filer solutions have found a home in infrastructures from the most demanding movie post-production houses to some of the world’s largest companies, all looking for easy NAS connectivity to cloud compute and storage, and top on-premises storage performance. 

Best-in-Class NAS in the Hybrid Cloud

With Avere, you can bring together the best of scale-out NAS and cloud gateways for a best-in-class NAS experience with flexibility, control, and cost-savings. Large on-premises infrastructures are using Avere to create an agile architecture that provides freedom for data to move between on-premises and cloud storage and take advantage of unlimited cloud compute resources at a much lower total cost of ownership.

Best-In Class NAS Feature Avere Cloud NAS Scale-Out NAS Cloud Gatways
NFS & SMB/CIFS Access X X  
Scale-out Clustering X X  
High Availability X X  
Global Namespace X X  
Data Mobility X X  
File to Object Translation X   X
Encryption X   X
Compression X   X
Public Cloud Access X   X
Private Cloud Access X   X
Compute Cloud X    
On-premises, Local NAS Access X    
On-premises, Remote NAS Access X    

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