Flexible Cloud Storage Caching Solutions for the Modern Infrastructure

If you're using network-attached storage (NAS) you should know Avere's FXT Edge filers. Our NAS performance solutions have found a home in infrastructures from the most demanding movie post-production houses to some of the world's largest companies, all looking for easy NAS connectivity to cloud compute and storage, and top on-premises storage performance. 

Avere helps IT solve some of the most challenging problems, from connecting heterogeneous storage resources to extending the life of aging core filers.


Store Your Data Anywhere

From Avere’s beginning, the mission was to change the way companies bought and used large storage systems. By separating performance from capacity, Avere created new options to get the most out of expensive capacity-driven NAS systems allowing for higher throughput and low latency without drastically increasing maintenance and footprints.

As public cloud storage and private object storage move into the mainstream, Avere continues its mission to create solutions that allow data owners to leverage the resources that help them run their businesses most efficiently. Enabling cloud compute and object storage to easily become part of a hybrid IT topology, companies can focus on core objectives and goals with flexibility and ease.


Build A Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Match the expansion of your IT infrastructure to your goals and choose how and when to leverage cloud computing, cloud storage, or private object storage into your topography. Explore Avere solutions to see how adding Avere FXT Edge filers can make your workflows flexible and agile. Avere optimizes your existing NAS, connects existing storage to cloud compute resources, and allows you to bring data into and out of public or private clouds.

Hybrid Cloud Diagram