NAS Solutions for Demanding On Premises and Cloud Storage Environments

If you’re using network-attached storage (NAS) you should know Avere's FXT Edge filers. Our NAS performance solutions have found a home in infrastructures from the most demanding movie post-production houses to some of the world’s largest companies, all looking for easy NAS connectivity to cloud compute and storage, and top on-premises storage performance. 

Enterprise NAS Solutions in the Hybrid Cloud

With Avere, you can bring together the best of scale-out NAS and cloud gateways for a best-in-class NAS experience with flexibility, control, and cost-savings. Large on-premises infrastructures are using Avere to create an agile architecture that provides freedom for data to move between on-premises and cloud storage and take advantage of unlimited cloud compute resources at a much lower total cost of ownership with our enterprise NAS solution.

Best-In Class NAS Feature Avere Cloud NAS Scale-Out NAS Cloud Gatways
NFS & SMB/CIFS Access X X  
Scale-out Clustering X X  
High Availability X X  
Global Namespace X X  
Data Mobility X X  
File to Object Translation X   X
Encryption X   X
Compression X   X
Public Cloud Access X   X
Private Cloud Access X   X
Compute Cloud X    
On-premises, Local NAS Access X    
On-premises, Remote NAS Access X    

NAS Performance and Cloud Use Cases

Companies gain easy management, flexibility and cost savings while optimizing performance with Avere's NAS solutions. Common customer use cases include the most demanding IT environments with high I/O requirements and big data scenarios, like those for genomic research, movie visual effects, complex financial analytics, asset management and government research, security, and statistics work.

Leveraging the cloud with NAS on premises infrastructure harbors flexibility to achieve more with less internal resources, by allowing companies to focus on core competencies without reaching bottlenecks in IT. Avere’s NAS solutions make this transition to hybrid infrastructures easy and efficient.