Advanced NAS File System for SwiftStack

Together Avere and SwiftStack bring a scalable, enterprise-grade storage solution that makes it easy to store vast amounts of unstructured data.


Large Data Sets are No Match for Avere Cloud NAS with SwiftStack

As organizations move to low cost, highly scalable object storage many are turning to SwiftStack to provide a customizable on premises object storage environment. To help move data between storage types and keep data stored in object storage highly accessible to users and NAS applications, Avere FXT Edge filers with FlashCloud™ brings the performance and flexibility needed.

The Avere network file system capabilities on top of SwiftStack add tremendous value to overall storage investments by:

  • Improving access workflows to object storage
  • Working with many applications that cannot leverage object storage
  • Easily managing and moving data between traditional NAS and object storage with the flexibility to store data wherever it makes the most sense
  • Providing a global namespace to seamlessly manage heterogeneous storage environments
  • Dynamic tiering with data caching of the most in-demand data for low-latency

Advanced file system access for Swiftstack has never been faster or more flexible.


Common Avere with SwiftStack Use Cases

  • Data center modernization from NAS to object storage
  • Active archive in front of media and content repositories
  • Data management for backup and disaster recovery
  • Workflows for life science, media production, information hosting, financial analytics