Hybrid Cloud for Technology Developers

Hybrid Cloud Architecture for High Tech

Fast-paced research, development, and content delivery in high-growth businesses leave many successful technology companies struggling with digital distribution and storage performance. As market share grows and demand increases, IT resources can become in short supply. Avere Systems improves storage performance, without forklift overhauls, and allows for compute processing using both cloud and owned servers.

Avere Systems technology supports top public cloud providers and enterprise NAS to allow enterprises to build an enterprise-scale hybrid cloud.

Dev Ops

The Avere FXT Edge Filer Series supports flexible software development repositories with a high-performance file system built for the cloud. Unify local environments with cloud compute and storage services. The Avere vFXT supports bursting dev tools to cloud compute for on-demand, scalable processing while hiding latency to on-premises NAS. To gain low-latency cloud access, the Avere FXT Edge filer easily and transparently moves data to cloud storage as needed.

Research & Design

Design engineers rely on the performance of the IT infrastructure. Any slowdown affects the rate of innovation and product delivery — both costly occurrences to stakeholders. Short lead times and scaling demands can make meeting R&D IT needs difficult. Technology companies find Avere FXT Edge filers to be the perfect balance of speed, flexibility, and cost to quickly shatter storage limitations, boost workload thresholds, and efficiently use budgets.

WAN Caching

Sharing access to large data sets with remote users can slow due to wide-area-network (WAN) bandwidth and latency. Avere Edge filers placed at the remote site and data center eliminates this latency and reduces the bandwidth by 50:1. The active data is cached closest to the users and the Avere Edge filers allow for reads and writes on the local-area-network (LAN) of the remote office. As the activity level is reduced, the Avere Edge filers will return the data to the data center. Many technology companies use Avere to hide latency between data centers and global offices, keeping productivity high without higher networking costs, and to aid in content delivery and distribution.

Data Migration

Moving data can be disruptive and difficult. However, data center moves and consolidations, as well as cloud storage adoption, make it necessary. Enterprises value Avere’s ability to create a single pool of storage using a global namespace and assist in transparently moving and mirroring large, active datasets.

Storage Performance Optimization

Many overprovision storage resources to gain speed. At the center of Avere’s technology is the separation of performance and capacity with our Edge-Core Architecture. Technology providers can scale performance efficiently without ripping and replacing storage core filers or expanding the data center. And Avere is fast — adding speed right where it is needed to accelerate some of the most important and intensive workloads.


Why Avere for Technology Developers?

Avere Systems has become a dependable addition to many world-renowned technology companies —from software developers to large telecoms, semiconductor manufacturers to automobile R&D — because of the flexibility and performance benefits realized and our ability to support large data sets common to the workflows.

  • Easy-to-use and manage cloud-ready file system that works with or without existing storage infrastructure
  • Faster access to data to keep productivity high, minimizing storage latency
  • Scalability to support Petabyte-sized datasets
  • Flexibility to store data where it makes the most sense for the business
  • Improve competitiveness and customer satisfaction with the opportunity to speed workflows and pipelines with easy access to unlimited cloud compute resources
  • Cost management by reducing the dependency on traditional storage and facilitating modernization with hybrid cloud infrastructures for developers

Cloud-Enabled Data Centers

Technology developers and manufacturers looking to leverage the cloud for analytic, engineering, and large file workloads use Avere to easily connect data centers to both cloud compute and storage resources.

Cloud-enablement with Avere helps innovative companies manage costs of complex workloads, optimizes existing resources, and efficiently scales growing demand for IT resources.

High-Performance Storage for High-Performance Tech

Use the Avere FXT Edge filer clusters to minimize latency in enterprise data centers. Avere FXT Edge filers separate performance from capacity to reduce dependencies on traditional NAS, facilitate data migrations, and reduce WAN latency.