Active Archive for Public Cloud and Private Object


Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS enables use of cloud storage for tier-2 storage (active nearline storage), creating an accessible active archive at the lower cost of object storage. With familiar NAS management and the elasticity of the cloud, you can eliminate the need to predict storage needs for this always-changing category of data. With the Avere, you can lower costs in the form of reducing investments and maintenance of additional tape and disk-based archival solutions for your data center.

Flexibility and Accessibility for Low-Latency Object Storage: Avere FXT Edge filers + FlashCloud + Cloud

Avere FXT Edge filers running FlashCloudTM placed between your NAS and preferred object storage vendors like AWS and Google Cloud Platform provide object gateway connectivity between NAS and cloud as well as easy access to data stored in your archive. Users enjoy low latency access to archives with the tiering and caching capabilities of Avere's FXT Edge filers.



Cloud storage has potential well beyond back-up, disaster recovery, and cold archives. Using cloud storage services for active (warm) data expands opportunities for savings and makes access from anywhere easy when used with Avere Cloud NAS. An active archive solution includes performance, object storage gateway capabilities, and data movement software, making it easy for users to actively read, modify and write data located in object-based storage without latency. The location of this active archive storage is transparent to users.

As data cools off it is moved from the Edge filer to the cloud tier. Ready for archive, the data is already located in the cost-efficient cloud. The data remains readily accessible even as it becomes less and less active. The Avere FXT Edge filers monitor the data and automatically relocates data according to demand. 


Scalability without the Overhead: Active Archives on the Public Cloud

Active nearline storage requires scalability. Not only does the public cloud offer a pay-for-what-you-consume solution, it eliminates overhead.

  • No floor space, electricity or cooling costs
  • Data protection built-in
  • No tape recovery, labeling, or tracking – data just stays in the cloud
  • No transportation of archived data from off-site tape repositories
  • No physical storage management
  • Encryption, compression, and snapshots from Avere 


Cloud Active Archives at Work

Industries with large data sets find using the cloud for nearline storage creates an environment where data stays accessible for longer periods of time while eliminating the task of predicting demand. Media and content asset archives no longer have to be forgotten, past scientific research can stay available to aid in current studies, and aging analytics data can be pulled quickly for historical comparisons. With Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS, the move from on-premises to the cloud has never been more efficient. Creating an active archive platform can bring value to an organization without requiring drastic investments in new on-premises storage resources.