Cloud Bursting from On-Premises Storage

Compute in the Cloud Using Data Stored On-Premises

The virtually infinite scale of cloud compute resources is now within easy reach from either existing network-attached or object-based storage. The location of your storage is no longer a roadblock to reaping the ease, timeliness, and cost savings offered by cloud compute services. Avere's enterprise cloud bursting solution utilizes the Virtual FXT Edge filer (vFXT) which puts a high-performance, scalable file system where you need it to enable massive compute on-demand for enterprise apps with simple installation and zero hardware maintenance. Avere makes your NAS-based data accessible to cloud compute without experiencing latency or requiring that your data be moved to the cloud. 

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Benefits of Cloud Bursting

  • Use as Much (Or As Little) Compute as is Needed

    Simple to scale up and down, bursting to the cloud with Avere brings balance and efficiency to an infrastructure by eliminating the need to house and maintain idle IT resources but still gain the ability to get the job done quickly.

  • No Need to Rewrite Enterprise Applications

    With the Avere vFXT, enterprise apps do not have to be rewritten to run in the compute cloud. By creating a NAS-based performance storage tier in cloud computing, applications gain access to the data they need, while overcoming inherent NAS verses object API incompatibilities. 

  • Data is Easy to Move, Easy to Manage

    As simple as switching on electricity, hybrid cloud computing can be ready to go consuming as much as is needed for as long as it’s needed. With Avere's cloud bursting architecture, data is automatically moved between compute and storage resources, whether it is in your data center or in the cloud. Expansion of compute resources no longer involves hardware ordering, shipping, installation, networking, configuring, or testing. Using Avere’s software-only technology, complexity of data movement and synchronization is eliminated. Storage-cluster setup, administration, and teardown have never been more simple, and data in not locked-in to any location. Avere’s global namespace ensures simple NAS access with a single mount point.


Burst to the Cloud with the Avere vFXT

Enabling the unlimited scalability of hybrid cloud computing through cloud bursting from data stored in the cloud or on-premises requires:


Run non-native applications in the cloud without moving your data. The vFXT creates a highly scalable, high-performance file system that puts cloud compute resources within reach of your on-premises data. In addition to “bursting” applications and needed data from your NAS to cloud compute, the vFXT reduced costs of processing and minimizes latency. The vFXT is sold in a pay-as-go model with hourly, monthly and annual options. 

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Industry Solutions for Cloud Bursting

Bursting apps to the cloud with the Avere vFXT allows companies to easily take advantage of cloud compute resources from both cloud storage services and local storage. Many industries are quickly embracing the ease of gaining unlimited, cost-effective compute resources without having to move data.

Financial Management

  • Use cloud compute services to perform complex risk analysis and quant simulations
  • Avoid processing limitations by spinning up as many cores as needed for quicker decision making
  • Gain immediate access to unlimited compute resource without moving data from its data center location
  • Reduce costs by using approximately one-tenth of the storage for compute workloads

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 Government Agencies

  • Connect safe, secure on-premises storage to cloud compute resources without moving data
  • Optimize existing resources and easily add cloud when additional processing is needed
  • Run legacy applications without rewriting in the cloud
  • Support flexible workloads to manage peaks in workloads without data center expansion

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Life Sciences

  • Gain access to vast cloud computing resources without moving large research data sets
  • Support research work by eliminating bottlenecks in infrastructure to supply high-performance access to unlimited compute resources
  • Avoid large data center expansions while continuing to support mission-critical work
  • Easily manage processing capacity during peaks in demand

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Media & Content Creators

  • Easily manage rendering workflows from the steep peaks to the dramatic valleys
  • Balance costs and boost productivity by quickly spinning up as much compute power as needed for as long as is needed
  • Keep data secure in on-premises NAS while still rendering in the cloud
  • Avoid time consuming server rentals for big projects
  • Free artists to do more in less time

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