Avere Cloud NAS

A VIRTUAL NAS for the Enterprise Cloud

Avere Cloud NAS — the connectivity of cloud storage and cloud compute silos—makes managing a cloud-based enterprise infrastructure easy and more flexible. It's enterprise cloud NAS as you never thought possible.

Your business is about creating, discovering, developing, and managing. It is time that these aren’t restricted by lofty storage costs, latency, and security concerns. Avere Systems is changing the way storage is managed to eliminate roadblocks and open opportunities to more efficiently meet the needs of your users and customers.

Cloud NAS is powered by the Avere Virtual Edge filer (vFXT), a software-only file server that bridges the storage cloud and the compute cloud. The Avere vFXT provides a fully functional NAS to support both NFS and SMB applications running in the cloud.

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Enterprise NAS Features in the Cloud

With Avere, you can bring together the best of scale-out NAS and cloud gateways for a best-in-class NAS experience with flexibility, control, and cost-savings. Large on-premises infrastructures are using Avere to create an agile architecture that provides freedom for data to move between on-premises and cloud storage and take advantage of unlimited cloud compute resources at a much lower total cost of ownership.

NAS Features Avere Cloud NAS Scale-Out NAS Cloud Gateways
Best Fit Enterprise Scale Cloud NAS On-Premises Only NAS Simple Cloud Access Point
NFS & SMB Access  
Scale-out Clustering  
High Availability  
Global Namespace  
Data Mobility  
File to Object Translation  
Public Cloud Storage Access  
Compute Cloud    
On-premises NAS Core Filer Access    

Cloud-Based NAS Benefits

  • Flexibility to Scale Performance with High Availability

Clustering enables this Cloud NAS architecture to scale compute cloud resources to massive performance and capacity levels while ensuring high availability for data. With the vFXT, storage can also scale to support nearly unlimited compute resources while keeping your data located wherever you want it. 

  • Easy Data Management

Data movement between compute and storage is both transparent and easily managed. In addition to using public cloud storage, the vFXT can also leverage data stored in on-premises NAS. A global namespace eliminates storage silos. Cloud Snapshots give users data protection beyond accidental deletion and data corruption to include protection from equipment and site failures.  

  • Data Security in the Cloud

Your data remains secure as you add cloud to your architecture. Avere Cloud NAS provide high degrees of security. Avere uses AES-256 encryption and is compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2.


Building a CLOUD NAS with Avere

Build the Cloud NAS that's right for you:

Virtual Edge Filer (vFXT) for Enterprise Cloud NAS:

The vFXT creates a highly scalable, high performance Cloud NAS that enables dynamic, low-latency access to cloud compute. It supports multi-protocol (NFS and SMB) and can reach back to on-premises core filers to enable cloud bursting.

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Avere Cloud NAS allows companies to easily take advantage of cloud compute and storage resources easily from public cloud service providers. Here’s how a few industries faced with big data challenges put Avere Cloud NAS to work:

Financial Services – Running financial simulations and risk analysis models completely in the cloud can keep firms lean and responsive while limiting the need to invest in massive on-premises resources. With the vFXT, firms also can burst from on-premises resources creating ultimate flexibility and responsiveness.

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Government Agencies – Some agencies, institutes, and non-profits are finding secure public clouds as the perfect solution for collaboration and cost management of IT resources. Creating a virtual NAS allows these agencies to run legacy applications and provide a familiar file structure for users without traditional IT overhead.

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Life Sciences – Research organizations with a dependency on grants and special funding need to be nimble and lean. The cloud can be just the solution, greatly reducing the need to deploy and support large compute and storage environments to support their missions. Avere Cloud NAS allows flexibility and ease-of-use across cloud resources, while adding the flexibility to burst from any existing NAS.

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Media & Content Creators – In the world of content and media, data is created and consumed in large quantities. Many agencies and studios are looking to create secure infrastructures in the cloud to complement or replace traditional IT resources. With Avere Cloud NAS, these companies can perform rendering, transcoding, and manage assets completely in the cloud or connect to local storage resources while still using cloud compute services.

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