High-Performance Hybrid Cloud for Financial Services Simulations and Modeling

Critical Performance When It Matters Most

Today’s financial markets are more competitive than ever. This environment requires middle office financial services IT to run more high-core count applications quickly to make decisions and move on. Existing data centers, while robust, can easily become crippled during peak periods.

Run More on Your Infrastructure

With a high-performance caching file system, you can run larger quantities of models and simulations on your existing infrastructure. Avere separates performance from capacity, which relieves your network attached storage (NAS) from serving the hottest data to feed your simulations, modeling, and analytic workflows.

Use Multiple Cloud Computing Resources without Moving Your Data

The industry is quickly recognizing cloud computing as a way to expand processing power without replacing or growing owned infrastructure, a must to keep capital expenditures minimized. To leverage these efficient resources, Avere’s high-performance caching file system supports multiple cloud partners and allows access to on-premises data, which translates into improved analytics and capacity when and where you need it.

Focus Your Spend on What Matters Now

Capital investments in infrastructure and operations make less and less sense as the market remains volatile. Cloud computing puts IT in control of spending to deliver results when needed. Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and performance to get results while optimizing existing resources.


High-Performance Caching File Systems for Efficient Cloud Access and NAS Optimization in Pricing and Risk Analysis Computing

Run high I/O workloads in the cloud without moving quantitative models (quant models) from on-premises storage, reducing risk and easing data management. During peak times of financial analysis, moving quant models is difficult, as data continues to be written locally as models are used for analysis. With Avere Virtual Edge filers (vFXT), financial workloads dependent on a file system can get unlimited compute power in the cloud without disturbing models and keeping the simplicity of managing only on-premises versions.

Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS not only puts cloud computing resources within easy reach of your storage, it also provides a cloud storage gateway between public or private object storage and your traditional NAS environment. Easily introduce hundreds of gigabytes to many terabytes of daily market data to the most complex models demanding thousands of compute nodes without sacrificing performance. Avere storage tiers operate seamlessly between compute farm nodes and existing storage to deliver high performance for heavy read workloads.


Proven Results with Unmatched Performance

Avere presents a standard file format for a simple path from financial model creation to complex risk analytics. With Avere and a preferred cloud provider, model data is cached in the cloud while your full model data remains in your on-premises filers. From quant development to Monte Carlo simulations, workflows can be dynamically deployed into cloud compute, scaling to tens of thousand of CPU cores.

When compared to costs of expanding infrastructures to gain performance or process in an owned data center, the Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS solutions saves financial services running their own pricing and risk analysis computing millions in capital expenses, maintenance, and operations.


Avere Use Cases for Financial Analytics Acceleration, Financial Simulation Acceleration, and Financial Modeling Acceleration


Objective Avere Components Outcomes

Highly Scalable, Low-Cost Compute Capacity:

Extend processing capacity without moving large datasets from existing on-premises storage

Avere vFXT Edge filer for cloud bursting
  • Low hourly cost
  • Easy installation
  • No hardware
  • Minimal latency to cloud
  • Simple management
  • No movement of large datasets
  • No movement of complete datasets for additional security
  • Use multiple cloud providers easily

Control Data Center Costs while Optimizing Throughput:

Extend the life of existing storage while improving performance; Reduce dependency on vendor storage solutions

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster for NAS optimization
  • Optimize existing NAS investments
  • Gain significant, unmatched read performance improvements
  • Avoid costly upgrades and expansions
  • Manage silos of data from a global namespace

Secure, Low-Cost Object Storage:

Migrate data to low-cost object storage in the data center, while building an active archive with low-cost public or private object storage

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster with FlashCloud or Avere C2N System for: Cloud Storage Gateway, Private Object Access, and Active Archives
  • Easily scalable
  • Simple management
  • Transparent data movement
  • Make private object storage available to legacy applications
  • Low latency access to cloud cloud-stored
  • Fewer cloud calls, therefore lower costs
  • Keep aging data accessible to analysts

Data Center Consolidation and Centralization:

Connect remote offices to centralized storage without network bottlenecks and connect multiple data centers

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster for WAN architectures with FlashMove and FlashMirror
  • Provide fast access to primary storage from remote offices
  • Connect multiple data centers with fast latency-free connectivity
  • Minimize network traffic
  • Simply move and mirror datasets between heterogeneous storage
  • Manage silos of storage easily with global namespace

Enable Movement of Large Data Sets to Public Cloud Storage:

Enable low-cost public cloud storage for aging data sets

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster with FlashMove and FlashCloud for Cloud Storage Gateway
  • Easily scalable
  • Simple management
  • Transparent data movement
  • Low latency access to cloud stored data
  • Fewer cloud calls, therefore lower costs

High-Core Demand FinServ Processing

Leaders of IT in middle office financial services look to Avere to deliver high-performance, low latency access from their existing storage to compute resources both in the cloud and on-premises. Scaling compute easily to tens of thousands of CPU cores, Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS gives hedge funds, investment banks, and trading floors an edge on compute acceleration. Avere runs in computationally-intensive environments with heavy read workloads, like:

  • Risk Management
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Compliance
  • Research
  • Batch Operations
  • Backtesting


Avere Customer Statistics

One Avere customer estimates that it would cost $19.7 million more to run equivalent compute power on-premises than what they are spending on Avere plus public cloud.

With Avere nodes spread around the globe, an Avere client is servicing an average of 1.5PB reads daily.

Applications running in the compute cloud with the vFXT target upwards of 20,000 cores.


Featured Alliance Partners:

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