Hybrid Cloud for Financial Services

Hybrid Cloud Technology for Financial Services

More and more data is available as input into algorithms to make better financial decisions. However, these additional considerations often come at an expense to agility and speed due to lack of compute and storage resources available at a moment's notice. To efficiently use this data, innovative organizations are bridging on-premises data center infrastructure with cloud resources to provide scalable access to data without sacrificing performance. These hybrid cloud architectures break the cycle of continuously adding expensive servers and storage to deliver critical decisions in a timely fashion.

With Avere, cloud functionality can put an unlimited amount of compute resources at a firm's disposal to make complex calculations quickly. Avere runs in computationally-intensive environments with heavy read workloads, a perfect fit for middle and back office pipelines in the financial services industry.

Cloud Backtesting & Simulations

Cloud computing provides firms that backtest or do other testing that requires intensive processing and therefore access to large datasets a tremendous opportunity to do more in less time and pay for just that usage. With Avere, these datasets do not have to move from their home on local infrastructure. Proprietary information remains securely in the data center while Avere vFXT clusters provide a high-performance cache in selected cloud compute environments enabling spinning up thousands of cores to run tests quickly and efficiently. Because these datasets do not move in their entirety to expensive block storage used by cloud compute environments, costs are reduced by up to 90%.

Risk Analytics

Risk analytics are also increasingly placing constraints on compute resources and more possibilities are identified due to access to more datasets affecting risk. To enable IT infrastructure to keep pace with analyst demands, cloud computing offers the perfect companion or even an alternative to data centers. Using Avere vFXTs, risk analysts can access all of the compute resources needed easily, without moving large data sets from their current location in network-attached storage (NAS). These services can be turned on and off as needed, creating an efficient process to offset peak demand periods without large capital expenditures or time-consuming, disruptive data moves.

Quantitative Modeling

Run high I/O workloads in the cloud without moving quantitative models (quant models) from on-premises storage, reducing risk and easing data management. During peak times of financial analysis, moving quant models is difficult, as data continues to be written locally as models are used for analysis. With Avere vFXTs, financial workloads dependent on a file system can get unlimited compute power in the cloud without disturbing models and keeping the simplicity of managing only on-premises versions.

Scale-Out Storage Performance Optimization

Many hedge funds overprovision storage resources to gain speed. At the center of Avere FXT Edge filer technology is the separation of performance and capacity with our Edge-Core Architecture. Financial services firms can scale performance efficiently without ripping and replacing storage core filers or expanding the data center. The new architecture is also cloud-ready using FlashCloud, making it easy to migrate aging data into cheaper, slower storage. And Avere is fast — adding speed right where it is needed to accelerate and optimize some of the most important and intensive workloads.


Why Avere for the Financial Services?

Avere Systems is empowering some of the world’s most successful hedge fund management companies. These firms rely on the flexibility and performance benefits realized and our ability to support the large data sets common to critical decision workflows.

  • Improve the ability to make decisions more quickly by accelerating workflows and pipelines with easy access to unlimited cloud compute resources
  • Easy-to-use and manage cloud-ready file system that works with or without existing storage infrastructure
  • Faster access to data to keep productivity high, minimizing data access latency
  • Scalability to support Petabyte-sized datasets using tens of thousands of cloud compute cores
  • Manage costs by reducing the dependency on traditional storage and facilitating modernization with hybrid cloud infrastructures

Cloud-Enabled Data Centers

Hedge funds and investment management firms looking to leverage the cloud for analytics, testing, modeling and other large file workloads use Avere to easily connect data centers to both cloud compute and storage resources. Adding Avere into the architecture also opens up the opportunity to integrate cloud to support active archiving.

Cloud-enablement with Avere helps to manage costs of complex workloads, optimizes existing resources, and efficiently scales growing demand for IT resources. Easily introduce hundreds of gigabytes to many terabytes of daily market data to the most complex models demanding thousands of compute nodes without sacrificing performance. Avere storage tiers operate seamlessly between compute farm nodes and existing storage to deliver high performance for heavy read workloads.

High-Performance Storage for Economic Data Sets

Use the Avere FXT Edge filer clusters to minimize latency in data centers supporting the large data storage needs of investment firms. Avere FXT Edge filers separate performance from capacity to reduce dependencies on traditional NAS, facilitate data migrations, and reduce WAN latency.


Financial Services Companies

Using Avere Some of the world’s most recognized brands, including hedge funds, investment banks, and trading floors use Avere to boost storage performance to support testing activities and extend architectures to top cloud providers. These organizations benefit by reducing the dependencies on sprawling data centers and shifting resources to deliver higher alpha throughput in less time.

Consider these results:

  • One Avere customer estimates that it would cost $19.7 million more to run equivalent compute power on-premises than what they are spending on Avere plus public cloud.
  • With Avere nodes spread around the globe, an Avere client is servicing an average of 1.5PB reads daily.
  • With the Avere vFXT, applications running in the compute cloud target upwards of 20,000 cores.