Solution Brief: Accelerate Financial Analytics

Make better decisions in less time

The modern investment firm uses complex data analytics to build successful strategies, but as these workloads grow they can quickly overwhelm IT infrastructure. Traditionally, firms would need to buy more infrastructure to meet demand, but today's demand would cost thousands, or even millions of dollars to build just for peak times. Instead of buying all of that infrastructure to sit idle most of the time, financial institutions are using hybrid cloud and high-performance caching solutions from Avere to reduce new IT investment needs, get maximum performance from existing storage, and take advantage of cloud computing to accelerate financial analyses.

Download the Solution Brief (PDF)

This solution brief walks through the challenges that hedge funds face when trying to keep pace with workload demands and offers new infrastructure strategies that leverage cloud, existing resources, or both. In this brief you will learn:

  • What Avere FXT and vFXT Edge filers are and how they are used to accelerate financial analytics
  • Why hedge funds are increasingly moving to a hybrid cloud strategy for performance and flexibility
  • How cloud bursting allows you to use the virtually unlimited resources of cloud compute only when you need it and without moving entire datasets to the cloud