Modern Life Science IT Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud

Enabling Discovery Through Flexible Computing

Innovative research organizations are quickly finding that information technology challenges have the ability to slow progress and threaten meeting mission-critical objectives of discovery and publication. To overcome this, modernizing environments to integrate on-demand, pay-as-you-go resources puts the focus back on the science without requiring large IT overhauls.

With the reduced cost and improved capabilities of lab instruments for genomics sequencing and imaging, data growth is outpacing IT budgets. In addition, collaboration, once limited to a single lab has expanded globally. Sharing and supporting timely access to important data without over complicating management is the key to most life science, biotech, and pharma research organizations.

Modernization of scientific computing workflows means giving scientists quick access to data and compute resources when they are needed while optimizing existing data center resources.


High-Performance Cloud File System for Scientific Workflows

The Avere FXT Edge Filer Series supports flexible scientific computing with a high-performance file system build for the cloud. This tiered, caching file system unifies local environments with cloud compute and storage provider services. The vFXT supports bursting research applications to cloud compute for on-demand, scalable processing while hiding latency to on-premises NAS while an FXT Edge Filer cluster provides low-latency cloud access to move data to low-cost object storage as needed.


Build a Hybrid Cloud Environment at Your Own Pace

With Avere, cloud functionality can be added at a pace that matches current goals, objectives, and budgets. Existing storage resources can be optimized and fully used while migrating to new, cloud-ready scientific workflow support models, resulting in a flexible life science IT infrastructure.


Hybrid Cloud Use Cases for Research Environments


Avere Components


Compute More in Less Time:

Extend research compute capacity without moving large datasets from existing on-premises storage

Avere vFXT Edge filer for cloud bursting (Cloud HPC)
  • Low hourly cost
  • Easy installation
  • No hardware
  • Minimal latency to cloud
  • Simple management
  • No movement of large datasets

Efficiently Collaborate on Research, Reduce Demand on Existing NAS, and Move Large Data Sets to the Cloud:

Enable collaboration by moving designated data to public cloud storage

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster with FlashMove and FlashCloud for Cloud Storage Gateway
  • Easily scalable
  • Simple management
  • Transparent data movement
  • Low latency access to cloud-stored data
  • Fewer cloud calls, therefore lower costs

Enable Low Cost All-in-the-Cloud Workflows:

Process data completely in the cloud with tiered file system

Avere vFXT Edge filer for Cloud NAS
  • Make cloud storage data available to cloud compute
  • Reduce costs compared to other solutions with cloud caching
  • Automatically place the right data in the right place

Secure, Low-Cost Object Storage:

Migrate data to low-cost object storage in the data center

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster with FlashMove and FlashCloud or Avere C2N system for Private Object Access and Active Archives
  • Make private object storage available to scientific applications
  • Transparently migrate aging research data to low cost, durable object storage solutions
  • Keep aging data accessible to scientists

Optimize Existing NAS Resources:

Extend the life of existing storage while improving performance

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster for NAS optimization
  • Optimize existing NAS environments
  • Gain significant performance improvements
  • Avoid costly upgrades and expansions


Demand the Fastest Most Flexible Filers

With more data available than ever, scientific research environments have the opportunity to improve efficiencies and discover more at a pace unmatched in recent history. Innovators adding Avere to IT environment include those dedicated to:

  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Core genomics research
  • Independent research laboratories
  • Federal health agencies
  • Translational medicine for immediate patient care
  • University-based medical research


Featured Case Studies

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Contact Avere directly to learn more, or ask your selected cloud services partner about using Avere Systems in a proposed solution.