Hybrid Cloud for Media Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Media Production

In media production environments, infrastructure availability and performance can make or break not only the budget, but the ability to meet deadlines and take on new projects. Avere technology has become well known in the industry as a solution that delivers the performance needed to scale production and keep artists productive.

Avere Systems allows studios large and small to integrate cloud services with existing rendering farms easily without moving data sets from existing network-attached storage (NAS). This ability levels the playing field by enabling an unlimited compute capacity that can be turned on and off instantly. On the storage side, adding Avere reduces the dependency on traditional storage vendors to “feed the machine” to meet production demands; storage resources are optimized, extending their life.

Hybrid Cloud Rendering

Post-production teams are quickly turning to the cloud for rendering capacity. While the cloud offers sought-after benefits like unlimited capacity and pay-as-you-go models, the Avere vFXT eliminates latency between cloud compute services and on-prem storage. Hybrid cloud rendering, or the ability to render using cloud compute resources and traditional on-prem storage, becomes possible without the need to move large data sets or worry about mismatched protocols. Artists can move to cloud resources quickly and easily, and shut them down with equal swiftness. Avere creates a high-performance caching layer keeping data accessible to the cloud renders and making the completed files available to the artists to continue their work.

Active Media Archive

Movie studios, broadcasters, and video producers who support advertising often struggle with long-term storage of large media files. While moving them into a cold storage solution may be attractive cost-wise, losing easy access to valuable and often irreplaceable footage is not. Building an active media archive using cloud storage fronted by Avere FXT Edge filers can provide scale, efficiency, and timely access to these files. Avere allows for easy movement of aging files to public cloud providers to ensure durability and redundancy. Data stored in these archives remains active through familiar file system interfaces and reduces latency to the needed data. Your assets remain accessible while taking advantage of safe, cheap and deep cloud storage.

Scale-out Storage Performance

Avere FXT Edge filers have been an integral part in the production of many popular movies receiving accolades for their visual effects. Before Avere, many studios had to overprovision render storage resources to gain speed. At the center of Avere’s technology is the separation of performance and capacity with our Edge-Core Architecture. Studio systems engineers scale performance efficiently with Avere without ripping and replacing storage core filers or expanding the data center. And Avere is fast — adding speed right where it is needed to accelerate some of the most important and intensive workloads

WAN Caching

Sharing access to large data sets with remote users can slow due to wide-area-network (WAN) bandwidth and latency. Avere Edge filers placed at the remote site and data center eliminates this latency and reduces the bandwidth by 50:1. The active data is cached closest to the artists keeping productivity high. The Avere Edge filers allow for reads and writes off the network, eliminating latency while providing access to centralized storage. As the activity level is reduced, the Avere Edge filers will return the data to the core filer, whether it is in the data center or the in the cloud. Many media companies use Avere to hide latency between remote artists, global data center locations, and primary data centers. Artists stay productive without additional networking and storage overhead, while pipelines remain manageable and centralized.


Why Avere for Post-Production Environments?

Avere Systems is one of the most sought-after technologies in movie post-production environments because of our proven ability to impact storage performance, enable cloud for media rendering, and connect remote artists. Performance caching brings big benefits to this industry where every minute counts and workflows are often resource-starved, including:

  • Faster access to data to keep productivity high, minimizing data access latency for artists
  • Manage costs by reducing the dependency on traditional storage, extending its useful life, and facilitating expansion into cloud-based compute and storage
  • Easy-to-use and manage cloud-ready file system that works with or without existing storage infrastructure
  • Scalability to support Petabyte-sized video files
  • Flexibility to store data where it makes the most sense for the studio
  • Improve the ability to deliver on to speed rendering pipelines with easy access to unlimited cloud compute resources

Smaller, Cloud-Enabled Data Centers

Companies using large media files may be big or small. But Avere and the cloud levels the playing field. Studios no longer need to invest and maintain large infrastructures to take advantage of immediate opportunities and avoid bottlenecks in workflows. Big or small, Avere allows for flexible connectivity of smaller data centers to both cloud compute and storage resources. Studios find that Avere helps to manage costs of complex, time-constrained workloads while optimizing use of existing resources and efficiently scaling to meet growing demand for IT resources.

High-Performance Storage for Post-Production

Use the Avere FXT Edge filer clusters to minimize latency in data centers supporting the large data storage needs of post-production studios. Avere FXT Edge filers separate performance from capacity to reduce dependencies on traditional NAS, facilitate data migrations, and reduce WAN latency.