Portfolio of Avere technology partnerships and alliances

Avere Systems is working with leading application, system and networking vendors to build better Cloud NAS and on premises storage solutions that can keep up with growing performance requirements and allow for remote storage and users while reducing overall cost, complexity and footprint. We perform interoperability testing with our partners to ensure seamless operations and are constantly evaluating opportunities to improve the effectiveness of a combined solution.  We strive to work with all of our partners in real customer environments to ensure that mission-critical applications can depend upon our solutions.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Cloud Partner Amazon Web Services offers a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable you to run virtually everything in the cloud: from enterprise applications and big data projects to social games and mobile apps. One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale. Read the solution brief.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Partner Google Cloud Platform allows enterprises to use the same infrastructure that powers top applications like Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Google Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications. Together with Avere, customers are able to move compute intensive workloads and large data sets to Google Cloud Platform in order to reap the benefits of its highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure. Read the solution brief.


Intel Partner

Intel is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com and blogs.intel.com.