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A Simple Path to Cloud - Avere C2N

Avere C2N Cloud-Aware Scale-Out NASCloud-Aware, Scale-Out NAS

Get a simple, efficient, built for the cloud, scale-out NAS system that starts at just 120TB, easing object storage adoption. Unlike alternatives, Avere C2N (Cloud-Core NAS) is ready to roll. You get all you need in one place.


The Simplest Path to Cloud

When seeking to build NAS infrastructure that is object storage friendly, busy professionals are either faced with solutions too big for what is needed or a complex build-it-yourself open-source software approach involving a myriad of vendors. But now, Avere offers the simplest path to cloud — a scalable mid-sized cloud-aware NAS delivered as one system from a single provider.


Scale-Out NAS with Object Storage Integration

Avere C2N unites the familiarity and performance of NAS with the efficiency of object storage. The system consists of both a scale-out NAS for must-have performance, management, and compatibility, paired with hyper-efficient scale-out object storage. Perfect to grow as you go, C2N scales from just 120TB to more than 5PB. This cloud-aware NAS system easily integrates public and private object solutions as needed and manages all storage as a single, logical pool of storage.


Full-Featured, Big Benefits

Feature Benefit
Scale-Out NAS

Easily grow from 120TB to more than 5PB of usable capacity

Scale-Out File System Tiered file system for transparent file to object workflows
NAS Simplicity Easy fit for existing applications without rewriting to object APIs
Designed for the Cloud Object storage efficiency for better scaling and economics
Cloud Aware Integrate public and private cloud and NAS infrastructures, accelerate performance and hide latency, simple management with global namespace
Capacity and Cloud Access in One Place One vendor for all software and hardware... and most importantly, support
120TB to more than 5PB of usable capacity Sized right for most business needs; start small, grow as you need it
Erasure-Coding N+4 data protection while providing availability and over 60% usable capacity
Triple Replication (TR) High availability, fault tolerance and 120TB entry point
Geo-Dispersal Simple, efficient disaster recovery
Multi-Protocol Support Use with NFS, SMB or both in Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac environments with existing file-based applications


Avere C2N Use Cases

Use C2N to build object-aware storage architectures that allow you to more easily manage mixed storage resources with one system and one company, simplifying the path to object-friendly workflows. Avere C2N is a perfect fit for organizations managing large files or large quantities of unstructured data who want to gain the benefits of object storage, but don’t need petabyte-plus-sized installations from the start.

Scale-Out NAS for Tiered DataC2N for Tier-1 Data

When tier-1 data is stored on NAS, the all-Flash performance tier of the C2N accelerates active data and provides high performance for applications like rendering, genomic analysis, and financial simulation.

C2N for Tier-2 Data

Tier-2 data, can be stored both internally on the C2N system and externally on private object systems from HGST Amplidata, IBM or SwiftStack and scaled to high capacities. Data access over familiar NAS protocols is provided by C2N.

C2N for Tier-3 Data

Archival data, or tier-3 data, can be stored on public cloud storage provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with C2N providing a NAS access point and hiding the latency to the public clouds. Tier-3 data that is not permitted to be stored on the public cloud due to security concerns is simply and affordably stored on C2N or external object storage.

Like with all of Avere FXT Edge filer solutions, FlashMove and FlashMirror software can be used to transparently migrate and mirror data between the C2N system and NAS, private object, and public object tiers.

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C2N Technology At-A-Glance

Capacity scaling

  • 120TB entry point
  • Expand in 80TB increments
  • Scales to more than 5PB

Integrated, All-Flash Performance Tier

  • Clustering for performance scaling and HA
  • Scales from 14 to 480TB SSD
  • File system built for object storage

Complete NAS Feature Set

  • Powerful GUI and storage analytics
  • NFS, SMB, multi-protocol support
  • Snapshots
  • Global namespace
  • Data migration
  • Mirroring
  • Compression
  • Encryption

Object Storage Efficiency

  • Erasure coding delivers N+4 availability and over 60% usable capacity
  • Triple replication enables 120TB usable capacity entry point
  • Geo-dispersal provides simple and efficient disaster recovery

Cloud Awareness

  • Integrate public/private object storage & NAS
  • Accelerate performance and hide latency
  • Global namespace for simplified management
  • FlashMove® for data migration
  • FlashMirror® for disaster recovery

Get Technical Specifications in the Avere C2N Data Sheet


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