Avere FXT Edge Filer 5600

The FXT Edge Filer 5600 is an all-Flash high capacity, high performance appliance for primary workloads in enterprise environments supporting analytics, research and development, rendering and more.

Compared to previous generation FXT models, the FXT 5600 has more 100% higher throughput, 100% more storage capacity and provides 300% greater density. 


Key Features

  • Scalable to 50 nodes for performance and capacity scaling
  • HA failover with mirrored writes
  • Redundant network ports and power
  • NFS, SMB, and multi-protocol data access
  • Easy to Manage GUI Interface
  • Analytics
  • Email Alerts
  • SNMP
  • XML-RPC interface
  • KMIP
  • FIPS Level-2 Drives


Fastest and Most Efficient NAS

You won’t believe it’s the same storage! The Avere FXT 5600 Edge filer makes your current network attached storage (NAS) unrecognizable with high performance, an all-Flash tier, and high efficiency.

High Performance:

  • 200GB/s Read throughput max
  • 20M Getattr IOPS max
  • 5M Read IOPS max

All-Flash Tier

  • High density
  • 1RU per FXT

High Efficiency

  • Supports both NAS and public/private object storage
  • Better economics

With the right configuration of FXT 5600 Edge filer nodes, support high throughput requirements, top getattr and read performance at an efficient cost per GB.

FXT 5600 Throughput Performance Chat

Common Use Cases

Avere FXT 5600 Edge filers can add a cloud-ready storage tier to many enterprise workflows that demand performance.

These models can be found installed in many industries to:

  • Provide seamless access to public cloud storage resources
  • Move large quantities of data from NAS-to-NAS or NAS-to-Object resources for upgrades, migrations, and data center consolidations
  • Offload performance from existing NAS storage to avoid expensive upgrades or expansion of storage infrastructure
  • Integrate private object storage installations with existing storage environment
  • Reduce latencies commonly experience in HPC and grid computing (distributed computing) environments


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Grow your cluster easily. Installations of the FXT 5600 scale to up to 50 nodes. For high availability, a 3-node cluster is a recommended starting configuration.

FXT 5600

  • 384GB DRAM
  • 9.6TB Flash SSD
  • 4 x 10Gb ports
  • 4 x 1Gb ports
  • Height: 1RU