File System Solutions for High-Performance Hybrid Cloud Architectures

Avere FXT Edge filers and software products bring flexibility and performance to modern enterprise architecture. Used by some of the most demanding and innovative companies, the Avere “Edge-Core architecture” uses a complete file system that separates performance from capacity both in the cloud and on-premises.

Our NAS filers bridge traditional storage infrastructure with the cloud, enabling options to add cloud compute and storage to create hybrid workflows that match diverse business needs or optimize on-premises workflows.


Hybrid Cloud NAS Infrastructure

The addition of physical and virtual Avere FXT Edge filers make complete the enterprise hybrid cloud infrastructure adding affordable flexibility, scalability, and performance. Organizations build their hybrid cloud infrastructure as it makes the most sense for the business, protecting current investments while modernizing segments of the business with cloud compute and storage deployments.

Hybrid Cloud NAS Filer Architecture

Virtual FXT Edge Filer

The Avere vFXT Edge filer (vFXT) is a virtual, scalable network file systems that allows applications to run on cloud computing services by bursting data from on-premises storage resources.  Use the vFXT for:

  • Cloud Bursting: Burst data to cloud compute from on-premises or cloud data storage
  • Enterprise Cloud NAS: Enable a multi-protocol, highly scalable virtual NAS filer in the cloud to share and manage cloud compute, cloud storage, and on-premises storage


FXT Edge Filers

High-performance and low latency become the norm when you place a cluster of FXT Edge filers between your servers and storage, whether that storage is traditional on premises or in the public cloud. Physical FXT Edge filers running the Avere OS separate performance from capacity and allow you to:

  • Use object-based storage as if it were a traditional NAS, easily migrating and mirroring data (with FlashCloud)
  • Eliminate latency by caching most active data closer the users
  • Provide a transparent cloud gateway exchange protocols between NFS, SMB, and object-based API
  • Gain performance by optimizing traditional infrastructures and reducing dependencies upon capacity-based storage


FlashCloud, FlashMove, and FlashMirror

Avere software packages help storage management get easier! Connecting, moving and mirroring data between heterogeneous storage platforms brings flexibility and easy data management to complex enterprise infrastructures. Without disruption to users, data can easily move and be mirrored for data redundancy between mixed on-premises NAS systems and cloud storage services.