Avere vFXT for AWS

The Avere vFXT is an enterprise-scale clustered file system built for the cloud.

Cloud Bursting to AWS EC2

Avere Virtual FXT (vFXT) Edge filers act as network-attached storage (NAS) on Amazon EC2 compute cloud, freeing your data to remain on-premises, while giving you complete functionality. The Avere vFXT works to:

  • Connect your on-premises storage to Amazon’s EC2 services
  • Support for NFS, SMB and multi-protocol workloads
  • Allows you to offset peaks in compute demand with Amazon’s pay-as-you-go services without moving large data sets from existing storage
  • Hides latency to cloud compute resources with cloud caching
  • Provides easy scaling from 3 to 24 nodes to meet growing demands in shorter periods of time
  • Reduces cloud compute costs by as much as 90% by minimizing the use of EBS storage during processing
  • Eliminates the need to expand owned compute capacity, reducing data center footprint and supporting data center consolidation
  • Allows for use of Amazon Spot Instances for additional savings

Enterprises and companies working within HPC environments see immediate benefits of flexibility and agility to match compute resources with business demands quickly and easily.

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Clustered File System for AWS – Cloud NAS

When using both Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 resources, you can use the vFXT to create an enterprise-grade NAS in the public cloud, eliminating the silos between these resources. Leverage low-cost Amazon S3 for applications running on the Amazon EC2 compute cloud.

Avere Cloud NAS with the vFXT for AWS gives you:

  • Scalability – clustering up to 24 nodes
  • Low Data Latency – powerful cloud cache tiers data for optimal performance
  • Secure AES 256-encryption
  • Protection with Cloud Snapshots
  • Insights with powerful analytics

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Avere vFXT Configurations for Amazon Web Services

AWS r3.2xlarge

  • 61GB DRAM
  • 1TB or 4TB EBS SSD
  • 1Gb Ethernet

AWS r3.8xlarge

  • 244GB DRAM
  • 1TB or 4TB EBS SSD
  • 10Gb Ethernet