Cloud NAS Solutions for the Public Sector

Support Missions and Meet Compliance Initiatives

Federal cloud initiatives encourage cloud solutions based on the promise of many benefits from low capital investments over time to less infrastructure to maintain. A cloud-ready infrastructure is a key step to data center modernization. However, protecting existing investments and supporting day-to-day operations during migrations is also important to fiscal responsibility and delivery of services.

Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS lets you focus on agency missions and organizational objectives with easy-to-manage cloud access, while extending the life of your existing network attached storage (NAS). Presenting a topology that is ready for both cloud computing and cloud storage options, gives your agency, college, or institute the flexibility to gain immediate benefits and choose workflows to migrate. Users depending on your IT environment experience a transparency to storage location, but enjoy low latency access to data needed to support mission-critical work.

Cloud First, Secure IT Modernization Strategy

IT departments in government and academic environments need to easily manage, archive, and scale compute and storage up and down. Large data sets and security requirements, as well as expertise in connecting existing NAS to object-based options, don’t have to hinder building a fast and flexible modern infrastructure that can improve productivity and reduce risks. With Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS, take advantage of cloud incentives and gain the big cloud benefits —reliability, agility and security from FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption. Cloud is enabled without the perceived difficulties of rewriting necessary applications or undertaking difficult, timely conversions.


High-Performance File Systems for Efficient Cloud Access and NAS Optimization

The Avere FXT Edge Filer Series supports flexible computing with a high performance file system build for the cloud. This tiered, caching file system unifies local environments with cloud compute and storage provider services. The vFXT (software only) supports bursting applications to cloud compute for on-demand, scalable processing while hiding latency to on-premises NAS. While an FXT Edge Filer (hardware+software solution) cluster provides low-latency cloud gateway access to move data to low-cost object storage as needed and to optimize performance of core filers while providing easy management of heterogeneous storage environments.


Modern Infrastructure at Your Pace

With Avere, cloud functionality can be added at a pace that matches current goals, objectives, and budgets. Existing storage resources can be optimized and fully used while migrating to new, cloud-ready workflow support models, resulting in a flexible IT infrastructure.


Avere Use Cases for Government, Education and Non-Profit Environments


Objective Avere Components Outcomes

Highly Scalable, Low-Cost Compute Capacity:

Extend processing capacity without moving large datasets from existing on-premises storage

Avere vFXT Edge filer for cloud bursting
  • Low hourly cost
  • Easy installation
  • No hardware
  • Minimal latency to cloud
  • Simple management
  • No movement of large datasets
  • No movement of complete datasets for additional security

Enable Movement of Large Data Sets to Public Cloud:

Enable low-cost public cloud storage across an agency or campus system

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster with FlashMove and FlashCloud for Cloud Storage Gateway
  • Easily scalable
  • Simple management
  • Transparent data movement
  • Low latency access to cloud stored data
  • Fewer cloud calls, therefore costs

Secure, Low-Cost Object Storage:

Migrate data to low-cost object storage in the data center, while building an active archive with low-cost public or private object storage

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster with FlashCloud or Avere C2N system for: Cloud Storage Gateway, Private Object Access, and Active Archives
  • Easily scalable
  • Simple management
  • Transparent data movement
  • Make private object storage available to legacy applications
  • Low latency access to cloud stored data
  • Fewer cloud calls, therefore lower costs
  • Keep aging data accessible to users

Federal Data Center Consolidation and Centralization:

Connect remote offices to centralized storage without network bottlenecks and connect multiple data centers

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster for WAN architectures with FlashMove and FlashMirror
  • Provide fast access to primary storage from remote offices
  • Connect multiple data centers with fast latency-free connectivity
  • Minimize network traffic
  • Simply move and mirror datasets between heterogeneous storage
  • Manage silos of storage easily with global namespace

Minimize Expansion of Traditional Data Centers and Avoid Refreshes:

Extend the life of existing storage while improving performance; Reduce dependency on vendor storage solutions

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster for NAS Optimization
  • Optimize existing NAS investments
  • Gain significant performance improvements
  • Avoid costly upgrades and expansions
  • Manage silos of data from global namespace

Federal Government Purchasing Vehicles and Authorization


Government, Education, and Association IT Architects

With more focus on IT innovation, management, and modernization, IT architects have the opportunity to set the stage for future cloud-integrated data centers. Public sector innovators adding Avere to IT environments include organizations providing:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Human Language Technology Research
  • Independent Research Institutes
  • Secure Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Aerospace, Energy and Engineering Services
  • Public Information Access (Web and Data Hosting)
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Storage Refresh Alternatives
  • Cloud Computing and Migration


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Featured Alliance Partner:

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