Hybrid Cloud for Federal Agencies

Hybrid Cloud Technology for Government

Government IT systems are often overworked and underfunded. As evident in recent federal cloud initiatives, cloud services have been recommended as an opportunity to expand resources without growing footprint, meet fiscal responsibility goals, and deliver on an agency’s mission. While it may be easy to move some workloads to the cloud, many agencies rely on critical applications and large workloads that either can’t be moved or would be to disruptive to move.

Avere adds a high-performance caching layer between existing clients and network-attached storage and between cloud compute cores and storage buckets, bridging each infrastructure component and optimizing for performance and access. This hybrid cloud environment lets agencies take advantage of cloud incentives and gain the big cloud benefits —reliability, agility and security from FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption. Cloud is enabled without the perceived difficulties of rewriting necessary applications or undertaking difficult, timely, disruptive conversions.

Cloud Accessibility

The Avere FXT Edge Filer Series supports flexible computing with a high-performance file system build for the cloud. This caching file system unifies local environments with cloud compute and storage provider services. Cloud functionality can be added at a pace that matches an agency’s current goals, objectives, and budgets. Existing storage resources can be optimized and fully used while migrating to new, cloud-ready workflow support models, resulting in a flexible IT infrastructure.

Government agencies use Avere Hybrid Cloud technologies in two ways. First, Avere enables active cloud computing without moving large datasets from local infrastructure. By quickly spinning up an Avere vFXT cluster, applications can be “bursted” into cloud computing resources using just a few or tens of thousands of cores to complete important workloads in less time. Jobs that once took weeks can be completed overnight without moving datasets.

Secondly, Avere FXT Edge Filer (hardware+software solution) clusters provide low-latency cloud gateway access to move data to low-cost object storage as needed and to optimize performance of core filers while providing easy management of heterogeneous storage environments. With low cost alternatives to traditional filers and tape storage, data can be safely stored and retrieved with less effort in less time.

Data Migration

Moving data can be disruptive and difficult. However, big data moves, as well as goals of cloud storage adoption, make it necessary. Government agencies faced with data migration projects value Avere’s ability to create a single pool of storage using a global namespace and assist in transparently and non-disruptively moving large, active datasets with an Avere FXT cluster plus FlashMove and FlashMirror software and services.

Data Center Consolidation

In an effort to reduce redundancy through centralization of IT resources and encourage cloud adoption, governments have been making great strides in consolidating data centers. Avere Hybrid Cloud technologies play a significant role in keeping compute access instantly available from locations around the country or around the globe using vFXTs for cloud bursting from local storage. Connectivity to remote locations can be achieved economically by replacing large storage footprints with FXT Edge filer clusters, optimizing WAN traffic with high-performance caching. Data can be easily and non-disruptively moved during consolidation with an Avere FXT cluster plus FlashMove and FlashMirror software and services. No other technology can bring the degree of performance benefits to support data center consolidation projects like Avere.

Surveillance Workflows: Ingest, Processing, and Dissemination

For many agencies in the intelligence community (IC) and public safety agencies, managing surveillance data proves to be difficult. Moving these workflows to secure clouds has become a priority to gain security and reduce dependency on government-owned infrastructure. With Avere as part of this workload, data is processed in the cloud and ingested by Avere and then written across the wide-area-network into a secure cloud. A strong, reliable solution for read-many, write-once workflows, Avere is enabling these important, secure workloads to be processed more efficiently.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is increasingly placing constraints on compute resources as more data sources and information become available to assist scientists, informaticians, and analysts identify opportunities and risks to better serve the public. To enable IT infrastructure to keep pace with analyst demands, cloud computing offers the perfect companion or even an alternative to data centers. Using Avere vFXTs, these data crunchers can access all of the compute resources needed easily, without moving large data sets from their current location in network-attached storage (NAS). These services can be turned on and off as needed, creating an efficient process to offset peak demand periods without large capital expenditures or time-consuming, disruptive data moves.

WAN Caching

Sharing access to large data sets with remote users can be slow due to wide-area-network (WAN) bandwidth and latency. Avere Edge filers placed at the remote site and data center eliminates this latency and reduces the bandwidth by 50:1. The active data is cached closest to the users keeping productivity high. The Avere Edge filers allow for reads and writes off the local network, eliminating latency while providing access to centralized storage. As the activity level is reduced, the Avere Edge filers will return the data to the core filer, whether it is in the data center or the in the cloud. Government agencies and their contractors use Avere to hide latency between office locations, global data center locations, and primary data centers. Employees stay productive without additional networking and storage overhead, while workflows remain manageable and centralized.

Scale-Out Storage Performance Optimization

Many government agencies with unpredictable demands overprovision storage resources to gain speed. At the center of Avere FXT Edge filer technology is the separation of performance and capacity with our Edge-Core Architecture. Government agencies can scale performance efficiently without ripping and replacing storage core filers or expanding the data center. The new architecture is also cloud-ready using FlashCloud, making it easy to migrate aging data into cheaper object storage. And Avere is fast — adding speed right where it is needed to accelerate and optimize some of the most important and intensive workloads.

Why Avere for the Governmental Agencies?

  • Improve the ability to make decisions more quickly by accelerating workflows and pipelines with easy access to unlimited cloud compute resources
  • Easy-to-use and manage cloud-ready file system that works with or without existing storage infrastructure
  • Faster access to data to keep productivity high, minimizing data access latency
  • Scalability to support Petabyte-sized datasets using tens of thousands of cloud compute cores
  • Manage costs by reducing the dependency on traditional storage and facilitating modernization with hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Ability to secure data using FIPS 140-2 encryption

Cloud-Enabled Data Centers

Government agencies looking to leverage the cloud for analytic, testing, modeling and other large file workloads use Avere to easily connect data centers to both cloud compute and storage resources. Adding Avere into the architecture also opens up the opportunity to integrate low cost object storage systems to support active archiving.

Cloud-enablement with Avere helps to manage costs of complex workloads, optimizes existing resources, and efficiently scales growing demand for IT resources. Easily introduce hundreds of gigabytes to many terabytes of data to the most complex scientific and intelligence models demanding thousands of compute nodes without sacrificing performance. Avere storage tiers operate seamlessly between compute farm nodes and existing storage to deliver high performance for heavy read workloads.

High-Performance Storage for Government Data Sets

Use the Avere FXT Edge filer clusters to minimize latency in data centers supporting the large data storage needs of government agencies. Avere FXT Edge filers separate performance from capacity to reduce dependencies on traditional NAS, facilitate data migrations, and reduce WAN latency.

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