Hybrid Cloud NAS for Software Dev Tools

Faster Tools Repository and Distribution for Faster Development

Fast-paced development in high-growth businesses leave many successful software development companies struggling with software tools repository distribution and performance. As development grows, it can get out of control. Scaling storage performance and capacity is difficult to get in one place.

Infrastructure Continuity

In many organizations, IT silos cripple deployment as traditional methods of are used to store and manually distribute and replicate software tools, binaries, and reference documents. Removing silos by building a cloud-friendly topology can enable open consideration of efficient cloud development tools without overhauling existing internal resources or disrupt users.

Leveraging Cloud Compute Resources for Testing

With the move to develop for both the cloud and traditional on-premises environments, enabling top performance can allow developers to achieve more in less time. When working with large datasets, caching data closest to compute, even if it is running in a cloud provider’s environment cannot only allow for quicker development, but also significantly reduce costs.

Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS speeds access to the latest testing and development tools, unifies heterogeneous storage environments, enables easy cloud access, and keeps the development process moving without the high cost of traditional NAS hardware and replication software.


High-Performance Cloud File System for Software Dev Tools Environments

The Avere FXT Edge Filer Series supports flexible software development repositories with a high-performance file system built for the cloud. This tiered, caching file system unifies local environments with cloud compute and storage provider services. The vFXT supports bursting dev tools to cloud compute for on-demand, scalable processing while hiding latency to on-premises NAS while an FXT Edge Filer cluster provides low-latency cloud access to move data to low-cost object storage as needed. The Avere solutions optimize and provide one-stop performance monitoring across heterogeneous NAS infrastructure resources.


Scale-Out Clustering for Software Repository Infrastructure

Scaling storage performance and capacity is difficult to get in one place. With Avere FXT Edge filers, developers can get both. Scale-out clustering scales performance with up to 50 FXT nodes in a single cluster, ensuring high availability of data even in the event of failures. And, capacity scales to 480TB – the largest local cache capacity.

Avere FXT Edge filers feature a global namespace that gives you a single view of file stores on both legacy NAS and cloud-based systems. Unlike other global namespace offerings, Avere lets you keep your storage options open by supporting all of the common traditional NAS suppliers AND object storage as well.

When you add an Avere FXT Edge cluster to your infrastructure, your active working set gets placed on optimal Edge filer media based upon access pattern and file size. Data then moves dynamically and automatically between the FXT cluster and your Core filers. You optimize your infrastructure by separating performance from capacity, gaining increased performance, reduced costs, and the flexibility to store your data anywhere — on-premises or in a cloud. Caching reduces network traffic 50:1 and speeds access to data between locations,

Hybrid Cloud Use Cases for Software Dev Tools Environments

Objective Avere Components Outcomes

Compute More In Less Time:

Extend development compute capacity without moving large datasets from existing on-premises storage

Avere vFXT Edge filer for cloud bursting
  • Low hourly cost
  • Easy installation
  • No hardware
  • Minimal latency to cloud
  • Simple management
  • No movement of large datasets

Reduce Demand on Existing NAS, and Move Large Data Sets to the Public Cloud:

Enable collaboration by moving designated data to public cloud storage

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster with FlashMove and FlashCloud for Cloud Storage Gateway
  • Easily scalable
  • Simple management
  • Transparent data movement
  • Low latency access to cloud-stored data
  • Fewer cloud calls therefore costs

Enable Low Cost All-in-the-Cloud Development Workflows:

Process data completely in the cloud with tiered file system

Avere vFXT Edge filer for Cloud NAS and CloudFusion for AWS
  • Make cloud-stored data available to cloud compute
  • Reduce costs compared to other solutions with cloud caching, efficiently using cloud storage
  • Automatically place the right data in the right place

Secure, Low-Cost Object Storage:

Migrate data to low-cost object storage in the data center

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster with FlashMove and FlashCloud or use the Avere C2N system: for Private Object Access and Active Archives
  • Easily scalable
  • Simple management
  • Transparent data movement
  • Low latency access to cloud-stored data
  • Get the benefits of cloud storage in your own data center
  • Keep aging data accessible to developers

Reduce Network Traffic Between Locations:

Connect remote offices to centralized storage without network bottlenecks and connect multiple data centers

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster for WAN architectures with FlashMove and FlashMirror
  • Provide fast access to primary storage from remote offices
  • Connect multiple data centers with fast, latency-free connectivity
  • Minimize network traffic - 50:1 reduction
  • Simply move and mirror datasets between heterogeneous storage
  • Manage silos of storage easily with global namespace

Optimize Existing NAS Resources:

Extend the life of existing storage while improving performance

Avere FXT Edge filer cluster for NAS optimization
  • Optimize existing NAS investments
  • Gain significant performance improvements
  • Avoid costly upgrades and expansions
  • Manage silos of data from global namespace


Demand the Fastest Most Flexible Filers for Innovation

With developers working with applications that require more tools, binaries, and reference documents than ever, software dev environments have the opportunity to improve efficiencies and deliver more at a quick pace. Innovators are adding Avere to their IT environments for:

  • Accessing large datasets quickly
  • Media sharing
  • Video services
  • Software Testing Environments
  • Cloud Migration of Repositories
  • Colo or Remote Office Performance
  • Cloud Computing Development Workflow
  • Private Cloud Testing Environments

Contact Avere directly to learn more, or ask your selected cloud services partner about using Avere Systems in a proposed solution.