Cloud Storage Gateways

Getting Data Into and Out of the Cloud

When it comes to getting data into and out of the cloud, Avere FXT Edge filers with FlashCloud make it simple and easy. FlashCloud provides the ability to translate NAS protocols to object APIs and object APIs to NAS protocols. This gives non-native applications the ability to access data stored in public clouds.

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Unlike other gateway products on the market, FlashCloud supports NFS and SMB while providing key enterprise NAS features like high availability, low latency, and performance scaling. The Avere FXT Edge filer creates a “cloud cache,” eliminating undesirable latency between users and data stored in the cloud. The location of the data becomes transparent as users locate and use storage with a familiar NAS file structure. Users gain record-breaking performance from data stored wherever it makes the most sense for the business.

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Benefits of Using Avere as a Cloud Gateway

Multi-Protocol Support

Avere FXT Edge filers with FlashCloud provide support for NFS only, SMB only, and multi-protocol NFS and SMB access. The translation from NAS protocols to object APIs is bi-directional, making it as easy to get data out of the cloud as it is getting it into the cloud.

Top Performance – Low Latency Access

In benchmarking tests, Avere’s performance in front of the cloud matches that of on-premises storage.* The hottest data is stored on the fastest media in the FXT Edge filer closest to the users. This “cloud cache” hides latency and minimizes network traffic between compute and cloud resources.

* More information is available here. See public results at for more information.

Easy Management of Multiple Cloud Storage Providers

Leveraging multiple cloud providers to optimize cost and workflow efficiencies is easy with Avere.

  • With FlashMove™, data can be transparently and non-disruptively moved between storage resources—cloud service providers and on-premises NAS.
  • FlashMirror™ replicates data to the cloud for disaster recovery, while Cloud Snapshots protect against data loss due to accidental deletion and disk, system, or site failures.
  • Manage all storage resources from a single mount point using Avere’s global namespace. Gain visibility into storage, clients, and services through the graphical UI.

Highly Scalable

Clustering provides scalable performance, scalable capacity, and high availability. Scale from 3 to 24 FXT nodes in a single NAS cluster.

Secure Data

AES-256 encryption secures data stored in the cloud. Avere encryption is FIPS 140-2 compliant and supports KMIP, enabling enterprises to manage their keys on premises.


Build a Cloud Storage Gateway with Avere

Avere brings cloud storage into the IT architecture and makes it a viable, accessible option for targeted workloads. Building this access is easy with Avere. Enterprises will need a minimum of a 3-node cluster of appropriately configured FXT Edge filers with FlashCloud. For data moving and mirroring, FlashMove and FlashMirror are also required.

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