File Systems for Private Object Storage

With low-cost highly scalable object storage systems, accessibility and data availability are not automatic. Avere provides seamless integration of object storage systems into existing network-attached storage (NAS).

A dynamic tiering filer that provides a caching layer, Avere FXT Edge filers with FlashCloud not only provide a your applications with a multi-protocol object storage gateway, but also important data management benefits:

  • Clustering of up to 24 nodes
  • NFS and SMB protocol support
  • Dynamic tiering (RAM + SSD + SATA/Object)
  • Encryption, compression, and cloud snapshots
  • Transparent data migration between heterogeneous storage
  • Mirroring and disaster recovery between heterogeneous storage
  • High availability

With the Avere OS file system for private object storage, managing object storage and making it easily accessible where it makes sense is easy and cost-efficient. And, most importantly, gives you the flexibility to store data wherever it makes the most sense for your business.

Private Object File System - Animated Diagram

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Private Object Storage Use Cases

Folding private object storage into your infrastructure makes sense for many use cases.  The value of object storage surpasses traditional infrastructure for many use cases including:

  • Content, Media, and Big Data Repositories
  • Collaboration
  • Active Archives and Cold Storage Archives
  • Backup & DR
  • Private Clouds


Industry Solutions for Cloud NAS with Private Object Storage

Many industries are embracing private object storage to more efficiently manage the growing amounts of unstructured data created. While any industry can benefit from an Avere Cloud NAS solution in front of private object storage, some industries are leading the way:

Financial Management – Mounds of aging data is being migrated from expensive on-premises NAS to on-premises object storage private clouds for lower costs with the security of the data remaining in complete control of the organization.

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Government Agencies – Federal and State governments are moving secure data into private clouds and data repositories to reduce overall storage costs, while keeping the ability to prevent vendor lock-in with Avere FXT Edge filers for easy data migration.

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Life Sciences – Researchers prefer to keep aging data accessible so that it can be used in future testing when necessary. These organizations keep this data accessible to scientists with Avere FXT Edge filers in front of private object storage.

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Media & Content Creators – From advertising agencies to online content providers and broadcasters to special effects companies, the media content created is a product worth protecting. Many are choosing private object storage behind an Avere FXT Edge filer cluster to create an active archive that keeps these aging assets within easy reach.

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Object Storage Vendors

Avere can provide a powerful, high-performance NAS file system for flexibility in the enterprise storage with these respected object storage vendors:

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