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Get the Fastest NAS Performance

Without alternatives, enterprises demanding better performance have over-provisioned disks in order to improve I/O.  By separating storage capacity from storage performance, these enterprises can gain top performance without buying unneeded capacity.

The Avere FXT Edge filers were built to do just that – optimize the performance of network-attached storage (NAS). By placing a cluster of FXT Edge filers with the Avere OS tiered file system between your compute servers and storage, the latency between compute and storage is eliminated.

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FXT Edge filers with the Avere OS use clustering to linearly scale NAS performance to the level required by the application. The “Edge-Core Architecture” approach allows enterprises to reduce costs by consolidating storage on high-density SATA arrays in the data center without maintaining a separate complete storage system near clients. FXT clusters are simple to manage since they automatically place data at the edge near the clients without the need to create complex data replication schedules.


Benefits of using Avere in NAS Infrastructures

Fast NAS Data Access Over WAN

FXT Edge filers accelerate NAS performance and hide WAN latency while coherently accessing remote data.

Simple Administration

Data acceleration is automatic without the need to create complex data replication schedules. Data moving and mirroring is non-disruptive to users and administrators can manage heterogeneous NAS environments from a single mount point with a global namespace.

Dramatic Cost Savings

Intelligent tiering stores only the active data at the edge near the clients, replacing costly storage systems and providing dramatic CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Unlimited NAS Performance Scaling

Scale-out clustering provides linear and non-disruptive performance scaling to keep pace with growing application demands. Join up to 24 FXT nodes in a single NAS cluster to scale performance linearly to millions of ops/sec, hundreds of GB/sec. Coherent, automatic load balancing maximizes throughput and minimizes response times.


The Avere UI provides unmatched insight into all NAS operations, including servers, clients, and storage.

Enables the Cloud

In addition to optimizing on-premises NAS infrastructure, the Avere FXT Edge filers can enable cloud compute and storage. Intelligent tiering stores active data near the compute cloud or the enterprise’s clients, hiding the WAN latency to on-premises or cloud storage.


Avere FXT Edge Filers for NAS Optimization

To optimize your existing NAS, Avere FXT Edge filer clusters can be scaled from 3 to 24 nodes.  FXT Edge filers come in several configurations and as a virtual appliance to support Cloud Bursting and Cloud NAS deployments.


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Core Filer Support

Avere’s mission is to give IT storage flexibility–to prevent vendor lock-in and allow businesses the freedom to design NAS infrastructures that keep their businesses productive and successful. Avere FXT Edge filers work with select core filer to optimize your storage performance, contain costs, and make management easy. Core filers include the most popular NAS and public cloud providers.


Industry Solutions for NAS Optimization

Many industries that demand high throughput use Avere FXT Edge filers to solve performance problems and improve access to important company data.  NAS optimization with Avere can help IT to:

  • Avoid costly and time-consuming storage refreshes
  • Eliminate the need to over-provision storage
  • Provide global access to data
    • Remote offices to data center
    • Data center to data center
    • Enterprise to compute cloud
    • Enterprise to storage cloud


NAS Optimization Case Studies

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